The backdrop to Beach Fossils’ set.

Beach Fossils Show Review

By Madisen Gummer
Music Journalist

Beach Fossils sound like spring, and Tuesday, April 23 they brought their warm and dreamy melodies to Mohawk in Austin to begin their US tour. I was personally excited for this show because not only am I a big fan of the headliners, but also the two openers.

Why Bonnie graced the stage with a perfect mix of eloquence and grunge. Their set included some of their popular songs like “Gold Rush” and “Hollow Moon,” and they debuted a new song off of their forthcoming album that rocks a little harder than their current discography. This Austin native band continues to astound me and is definitely one to keep an eye out for.

Four people on stage playing two guitars, keyboard, and bass.
Why Bonnie opening up for Beach Fossils Image by Madisen Gummer

George Clanton swept up the audience in with his experimental style of synths, smoke machines, and swirling lights. His slurred and reverbed voice in combination with the dizzying backdrop induced a dreamlike trance. He even got down in the crowd to dance with us. A few of his peak moments were during his song “Make It Forever” and “Warmspot.” I got a chance to say hi to him at his merch booth after the show, and he is just as kind and unique in person as he is on stage.

A guy with a hat on singing into a microphone in the middle of the crowd.
George Clanton in the crowd. Image by Madisen Gummer

Beach Fossils captivated their crowd beginning with “This Year,” and followed with a daisy chain of their most popular songs including “Sugar,” “What a Pleasure,” and the fan favorite “Down the Line.” There is a part of every concert where the music seems to take you existentially higher, outside of your body, and slightly above your surroundings. This moment happened during “Shallow” with their guitar duals and whimsical vocals, but they gently brought the crowd back down by turning off all the stage lights as people swayed back and forth with their lighters and flashlights to “Be Nothing.”

Three people playing guitars and bass.
Beach Fossils. Image by Madisen Gummer

The Brooklyn-born band exuded love for their followers. Their relaxed energy provided a fluid showcase that made a dreamlike experience, and the night seemed to be over in an instant. Luckily, they came back out for an encore. A mosh pit opened up, and people crowd surfed in celebration.

Featured Image by Madisen Gummer

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