Sweating Away: A Girl’s Guide to the Summer Heat

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By Timia Cobb
Web Content Contributor

As summer slowly approaches, my love for cold weather and overly large sweaters is diminishing. My wardrobe comes alive in the winter months because I don’t have to worry about the heat, sweat or tan lines. The option of wearing makeup isn’t even likely.

Sadly, the south and heat go together like Bonnie and Clyde. Knowing this, it starts to become hard to enjoy your day when you’re sweating kiddie pool amounts of water. I can’t stop the heat, but I can give a few tips on how to survive the summer sun.

No matter big or small, a lot of us have boobs. Boobs come with a lot of complications, especially when you get heat involved. Boob-sweat is real no matter how unflattering it is most of us are gonna have to deal with it, even if you think you are ‘lacking’ in that department.

It’s okay to be embarrassed about this topic, but you aren’t the only woman going through this same problem. Products such a breast deodorants, sweat proof bras, lotions, powders and more have been made just to cater to women who deal with this.

In the summer you’re bound to be trapped somewhere where it’s so hot it feels as if you can see the heat, knowing this beforehand maybe you should tryout products that prevent or lessen breast sweat. I do have to say if you decide to use a boob deodorant make sure it’s is talc free, talc has been proven to cause various health complications.

One of my favorite YouTubers Patricia Bright talks about various hacks when it comes to dealing with sweat in all of your nooks and crannies. Her tips have helped me out, and hopefully they can help you to.

Summer can bring a sense of panic for those who don’t like to show a lot of skin. I went through this for years until I finally got tired of suffering in my pants and gave into shorts. The heat literally forces you to either strip or die of heat stroke. It also makes you compare your body to every other girl you see in a swimsuit or the guy who effortlessly is fit.

The only way your going to survive the heat of summer is to stop comparing yourself to others and not care. You don’t have to be confident or think your beautiful , just simply not care enough to be insecure. When I go swimming I don’t apologize, just because our body is pudgy, discolored or scarred doesn’t make it any different from anyone else’s, every body is a swimsuit body. Remember this the next time you feel suffocated from the layers of clothing your hiding under in 90 degree weather.

The biggest issue I have with the summer is not being able to wear makeup. To do your makeup and step outside only to have it melt off your face isn’t worth it. Girls who take pride in their makeup know how infuriating it is to have your makeup not look the way you want it to throughout the day.

There are only two options when it comes to wearing makeup in the summer: get sweat proof everything or not wear any at all. Sweat proof makeup usually isn’t more expensive than regular makeup. This is because sweat proof makeup is very similar to any other makeup you just have to know how to apply it correctly.

The components of what kind of skin you have, SPF and skin sensitivity are very important when wearing sweat proof makeup because you have to proportion the makeup you use to your face. I have really oily skin so I tend to go towards really matte foundations, but someone who has dry skin wouldn’t want to use matte in possibility it could dry out their skin even more.

Jackie Aina, a YouTuber and makeup artist gives a in depth tutorial on how to apply sweat proof makeup for any type of skin. I recently tried her suggestions and my makeup lasted all day, even in the horrid Texas heat.

For those who decide to stop wearing makeup in the summer, props to you. Summer is a really good time to start taking better care of your skin. The lack of makeup allows your skin to breathe and adding a good skin routine every couple of days can really make a difference.

I consistently use rose water, witch hazel, raw shea butter and sunscreen on my skin everyday. Even though I have a high level of melanin, skin cancer doesn’t discriminate. I also throw in a face mask every three days for exfoliation. For those who do find themselves sweating a lot, having a good skin regimen can help get rid of layers of dirt on the skin and unclogged pores.

There isn’t much we can do to stop the sweltering heat of summer, but allowing ourselves to make the best out of it might do us some good.

Featured illustration by Veronica Tierno.

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