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A photo of one hand on a pink, rainbow backlit keyboard. The other hand is on a black mouse with pink backlighting. The hands have brightly colored alternating primary color nails. The keyboard and mouse are on a white desk mat with pink cherry blossoms.


Women in Gaming

By Hannah Walls Web Content Contributor When I was growing up, my mom’s girlfriend was super into video games and introduced me to multiple platforms at a young age. I always looked forward to waking up early on weekends to play Kirby Air Ride and Super Mario Sunshine on the Gamecube or watching her play Battlefield with friends. This infatuation with video games continued as I got older, and my […]

todayFebruary 25, 2022 1401 3

Pink Background with the words "Texas State University" in black cursive and "College Moxie" in bold white


TXST College Moxie Chapter

By Katie KrupinskiCommunity Outreach Coordinator Coming this Fall, the National non-profit organization “College Moxie” will be moving a Chapter onto Texas State University’s campus. The goal of College Moxie is to elevate, empower, and impact all women across college campuses. As defined by College Moxie’s National Office, their mission “is to EDUCATE collegiate women about risks associated with Campus Culture and EQUIP them to stand strong and create positive change.” […]

todayApril 24, 2021 180

Jungle leaves background titled “Women of Survivor”


Women of “Survivor”

By Lea MercadoWeb Content Contributor “Survivor” has been pushing the limits of reality TV for 40 seasons in a game based on wit, physicality and strategy. Originally airing in the summer of 2000, the game started with 20 strangers dropped on an island and challenged to vote off their tribe mates until there is one sole survivor. In such a brutal game, it has been expected that men would dominate, […]

todayMarch 30, 2021 65

Purple background with multicolored (dark purple, blue, green, white, yellow, orange, red, and pink) polka dots floating around. In the center are three images of women learning/organizing their plans, voting, and being activists for their cause.


Timeline of Women’s History Month Themes

By Allison SchroederWeb Content Contributor Since March 1987, the month has historically been known as Women’s History Month around the nation, but did you know that each year there is a theme to Women’s History Month? I surely didn’t.  I’m surprised that every year we have a month that is dedicated to a theme of women, but some of us don’t even know that the month has a theme each […]

todayMarch 29, 2021 382


Powerful Women in the Avatar Universe

By Arlett RamirezAssistant Web Content Manager Since March is Women’s History (should be HER-story) Month, I started thinking about the female characters I watched growing up. My mind instantly went to two shows that I think have some great female characters. Those two shows are “Avatar: The Last Airbender” and “Legend of Korra." (I’ll be referencing “Avatar” the TV show not the movie!) If you were a kid during the […]

todayMarch 17, 2020 253

The picture is of a black and white synthesiser up close


Women in Electronic Music

By Elise Montemayor Music Journalist When one thinks of electronic music, they think of a big stage, laser lights and a fist pumping DJ that is usually a man. Now, no shade to male DJs or electronic artists. There are so many amazing ones out there including, but not limited to, Kraftwerk, Daft Punk, Aphex Twin, Flying Lotus, Disclosure, etc. But like basically all genres of music, electronic music is […]

todayMay 3, 2019 23

Grey speaker and microphone with pink/yellow highlighted outlines.


Music: A Voice For Women

By Timia Cobb Music Journalist Women are powerful, and we shouldn’t have to put that on signs and protest about it for people to understand this. Women are our heroes, mothers, community leaders and more. Women, especially women in the music industry, are our voices. The music industry is known to be sexist and sexually abusive towards female artists. An example of this is how female rappers have to work […]

todayApril 28, 2019 15

The sun is colored grey and given a annoyed sneering face.


Sweating Away: A Girl’s Guide to the Summer Heat

By Timia CobbWeb Content Contributor As summer slowly approaches, my love for cold weather and overly large sweaters is diminishing. My wardrobe comes alive in the winter months because I don’t have to worry about the heat, sweat or tan lines. The option of wearing makeup isn’t even likely. Sadly, the south and heat go together like Bonnie and Clyde. Knowing this, it starts to become hard to enjoy your […]

todayApril 25, 2019 211

A woman with glasses and a blue and yellow dress sings loudly and gestures while holding a guitar.


Loud Women and Me

By Hannah Wisterman Music Journalist My whole life, I have been what I might call “spatially demanding.” I’ve always been a bad judge of when I’m standing too close to others; I’ve always been decently to significantly chubby; I’ve always been outgoing; I’ve always been loud. I’ve always been big, in about a thousand ways. But when you’re 15 years old and half your identity is about being into indie […]

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