Picture is of Leanna Mouton off to the right side of the photo. A group of students can be seen in the background as well as an organization’s tent. Trees and the pathway of the quad can also be seen.

Texas State’s Student Board of Regents Member

By Connor Champagne
Senior News Reporter

The Texas State University System Board of Regents member and Texas State Student Leanna Mouton helps connect the state’s government with universities. Mouton serves as the front lines between university needs and Governor Greg Abbott.

Mouton has advocated for better resources in areas such as mental health and food resources for students. Mouton said that she is called to live a life of service and to help others. Mouton said that after the loss of her brother and best friend, she decided to live a more fulfilled life.

Mouton is a senior in the McCoy College of Business and her term is expected to end over the summer.

Featured image by Connor Champagne.

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