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Connor Reich Comes On to Talk Shop

By Reily Chestnut
Sports Director

What a ride! My final Bobcat Radio couldn’t have been more fun! Under the guidance of first time host Garrett Martin, Geno “The General” Perez and myself got to reminisce over a lost streak. Bobcat baseball’s 10 game winning streak was ended by UTSA Tuesday night. But, that didn’t stop us from taking a look back at the most successful April the team has had in years. So if you survive the chatter then we have a special treat for you. Redshirt senior pitcher Connor Reich calls into the show to take us through the process that’s gotten him his reputation as one of the Sun Belt conference’s very best showcases. All I can say is this show knocks it out of the park!

Thanks for tuning in all these years and going on this journey with me. It’s been a true pleasure getting to talk Texas State sports with you. C-Nut OUT!

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