Bobcat Radio: The Jake Spavital Edition

By Garrett Martin
Sports Director

Bobcat Radio is a 30-minute specialty show discussing everything Texas State and San Marcos sports.  Three staff members jump on the mics three times a week: Monday, Wednesday and Friday at 11 a.m. and discuss sports.  A guest joins each episode, namely a coach, player or figure close to the athletic programs at Texas State and San Marcos High School. 

This episode had a full feast of sports to devour.  Texas State Football is the main dish, with appetizers such as audio from Georgia State Football head coach Shawn Elliot, a wrap-up of the previous weekend, and a look ahead to the games in the weekend ahead.  The main course? An interview with Texas State Football head coach Jake Spavital interview. Ten minutes into the episode, Spavital calls in to Bobcat Radio to talk to Mason Moore, Chloe Willis and Garrett Martin about the game against SMU, introducing George W. Bush to his men in uniform, the matchup against the Georgia State Panthers this weekend, and more!  

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