Complex symmetrical imagery for the psychedelic work of producer Steven Ellison

Concert Review: Flying Lotus at Emo’s

By Margaret Gallagher
Music Journalist

This past Saturday, I discovered the answer to a tough question: what’s cooler than a Flying Lotus concert? It’s a visually entrancing, 3D Flying Lotus concert – an experience complete with sprawling psychedelic ambiance and some dirty, deeply funky beats.

Thus is the soul of Steven Ellison (FlyLo)’s sixth studio album, Flamagra. The ever-evolving, surprising melding of eerie soundscapes and samples, clever, bouncing rap lyricism and the essence of jazzy R&B make it another huge step up for the stand-alone producer in his already distinctive career.

Meaning, the one-of-a-kind performance to promote this opus was only the cherry on top.

The unique staging at Emo’s Austin for Flying Lotus’s show.
Funky stage set up for Flying Lotus. Photo by Megan Gallagher.

From behind his other-worldly podium, FlyLo spun nebulous round-about rhythms, engaging the audience with his enthusiasm and adlibs. The images literally jumping from the screen behind him ranged from cosmic clips to a raging fire before melting into whirling mandalas- all in time with his creatively transitioning set.

The crowd was packed with well-acquainted fans that chanted along, singing the lyrics of the many features, including Anderson .Paak, George Clinton, Tierra Whack and more. .Paak’s feature on the song “More” was seamlessly substituted for a roaring rendition from the audience, leaving a big smile on Ellison’s face.

Enthralled producer Steven Ellison throws himself into his music onstage, illuminated by 3D, psychedelic visuals.
Whole body grooving, Flying Lotus lays down a one-of-a-kind set. Photo by Megan Gallagher.

As a parting gesture, FlyLo announced the 3D glasses could come off, going on to call upon everyone that craved to dance it out to move closer to the stage for one last groove – intimate with the man himself, vibing along on the edge of the stage.

Be sure to check out the album out now on all streaming platforms, and strap in – the artistry is a doozy of an experience, arguably surpassing the third dimension altogether.

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