Third Thursday September 2019

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By Shane Willenborg
Music Journalist

While the threat of rain loomed over KTSW’s first event this fall, musicians, artisans and locals converged at Aqua Brew this past week for Third Thursday. For those who don’t know, Third Thursday is a tradition here in San Marcos where on the third Thursday of every month, KTSW hosts a showcase of musicians from local and surrounding areas. This month saw a diverse range of talent with each performer delivering a strikingly different style.

Artist, Vonna, performs solo with a guitar and a microphone in front of a concrete barrier.
Opener Vonna performing at Aqua Brew. Image by Shane Willenborg.

Opening up the show as the evening set in was the charming solo act, Vonna. Rolling out a plush pink rug, adorned with christmas lights, Vonna got cozy in their socks as they serenaded the early audience members. Vonna’s soft, bedroom sound was a perfect compliment to the evening as the temperature began to drop and the incoming clouds were set ablaze with pinks and purples by the setting sun. For a great example of some of Vonna’s music, I highly recommend checking out their song “Hannah”, which can be found on Spotify and Bandcamp. 

the four piece band performing with two guitars, bass and a drum kit. There is a table set up with keyboards and a computer for sound effects and synthesizers.
Glasshealer sets up for their performance. Image by Shane Willenborg.

As the last vestiges of light left the San Marcos sky, lightning could be seen ominously approaching as the next band, Glasshealer, took the stage. Glasshealer is local to both San Marcos and Austin and delivered a highly refined and well produced sound, with an energy that matched the electricity in the sky that night. Utilizing an extensive board of sound effects and keyboards, Glasshealer was a pleasant deviation from the usual DIY rock that college age bands are known for. There was even a point where a member of the band held his cellphone to the pickups on his guitar to add to the chaos of one of the band’s more aggressive songs. Drawing on art rock and electronic influences, I was blown away by the band’s wall of sound, reminiscent to the likes of Radiohead and New Order. Glasshealer is a new band, but plans on dropping their first single in October.

the photo is centered on the bass drum of the drum kist, featuring a logo of the band’s name, High Noon and the Old Souls. Band members are gathered around the kit, setting up their respective instruments
High Noon and the Old Souls set up for their performance. Image by Shane Willenborg.

Another pleasant surprise this evening was the third act and headliner, High Noon and the Old Souls. Drawing on classic rock and blues influences, High Noon and the Old Souls delivered a powerful set that had the crowd on their feet. This band owns their genre loud and proud, harkening back to the 60’s and 70’s with their driving guitar riffs and powerful lead vocalist. High Noon and the Old Souls is a testament to the rock legends of the past, paying tribute while also forging ahead into a new age of rock. 

All in all, Thursday night was an electrifying start to the fall season and a fantastic showing for the local talent of central Texas. All three bands brought an amazing energy to the warm late summer evening, facing down the flighty summer weather while providing some fantastic tunes for your Thursday evening.

Featured image by Shane Willenborg.

Written by: Piper Blake

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