What Should Be In Your Music Festival Fanny Pack

By Mia Robinson
Web Content Contributor

It’s that time of year again, festival season is here! Texas kicks the season off with Austin City Limits the first two weekends of October (Oct. 4-6 & Oct. 11-13). Then there’s Mala Luna at the end of the month (Oct. 26 & 27) and UTOPiAfest occurs Nov. 14-16. When attending these events you need to make sure you have your tickets, but also have some extra things in order to be prepared. These are some things you need in your bag to have a fun, successful time listening to live music in the heat. 

First things first, make sure you choose the right bag to take to the festival of your choosing. Before your search for your handy dandy bag, you need to check the festivals website for their bag policies. I recommend you take either a fanny pack or a light hydration backpack because these bags will not make you hot and they are easy to carry around. 

Once you get your bag, you need to make sure you have all the essentials in it to have a fun couple of days. 

The first few things you need to put in your bag is a portable charger, at least $20 in cash and your cards. These three things are the most important things to always bring with you to music festivals because without them it could ruin your experience. For example, these items could help you get a ride, food or drinks.

Cards, Cash, Portable Charger, Iphone Charger
These items are a must. Image by Mia Robinson.

The next couple of things you should bring are very important to keep yourself cool and protected from the sun. These items are a mini portable fan, sun glasses and a mini bottle of sunscreen. The rays from the sun are very powerful even in the fall, so to save yourself I think you should bring them. If you leave these things behind, I can assure you that you will leave super sweaty and with a sunburn. 

Sunglasses, Sun Screen, Gold, Sparkly
These items will protect you from the suns’ waves. Image by Mia Robinson.

Some extra things I always keep in my festival bag is some gum, chapstick and a granola bar. I keep these things and recommend you take them to feel refreshed when standing for a long time waiting for your favorite artists to play. I can assure you that you will thank me for the granola bar because the heat takes so much out of people at these festivals.

Gum, Chapstick, Granola Bar, Gold
These are some extra things to make your experience better. Image by Mia Robinson.

Some extra tips to remember to have a successful time is to make sure you bring a water bottle just in case there is water refill stations. Also wear your comfiest shoes that are washable because sometimes the grounds are very dusty. Last but not least, don’t forget to wear something that you will be comfortable in because it is going to be a hot festival season. Make sure you stay hydrated and have the best time at these festivals.

Featured image by Mia Robinson.

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