A picture of Dominic Fikes eyes with the song titles.

Rising Artist: Dominic Fike

By Jenifer Romero
Music Journalist

As a prominent fan of Brockhampton, I follow the group’s social media closely and typically dive into what they post. Back in April, the group posted a link on Twitter to their YouTube channel with a video titled “This Is Dominic Fike.” The video begins with Fike talking, then leading into his hit single “3 Nights”. I immediately fell in love with the song and listened to the Don’t Forget About Me Demos, the only full-length EP on streaming platforms.

The EP was roughly 14 minutes and had me listening front to back nearly every day. I was so intrigued by Fikes’ sound and wanted more. Kevin Abstract, a prominent leader of Brockhampton, was releasing a solo album, Arizona Baby around the same time I found out about Fike. Arizona Baby hosted two songs featuring Fike that fulfilled the need of hearing more by the artist.

Fike first gained major traction after his Don’t Forget About Me Demos EP released in 2017. Fike was on house arrest during the release of the demos and served jail time for violating his house arrest at the time the EP gained major traction. Fike caught the eyes of many record labels who fought to have him, but ultimately signed with Columbia Records.

Since finding Fikes music, he has gained more success and popularity, much of which can be credited to Brockhampton. From having his hit song “3 Nights” get radio play, to hosting a string of sold-out tour dates, Fike is an artist that will blow up. Fike incorporates many elements into his music such as rap rock, hip hop, indie pop all infused into one. His soothing singing voice mixed with beautiful electric guitar along with some rap elements is the perfect fusion.

If you are interested in checking out some music both Arizona Baby and Don’t Forget About Me Demos are a great place to start! Brockhampton and Fike have some Texas shows left if you also like to see live music.

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