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Photo of members of BROCKHAMPTON in matching blue hoodies.


Joba on San Marcos, BROCKHAMPTON and Healing

By James LanikLocal Music Director Being a BROCKHAMPTON fan has never been boring. With the lightning-fast pace of self-reinvention and brisk stream of releases, within only a couple of years, the boy band managed to establish a universe and lore around themselves that would likely take other collectives years to achieve. Things feel decidedly different this time around, however. For the first time since their inception, a calendar year went […]

todayMay 10, 2021 420

Three girls and a man poses shoulder to shoulder for a photo


Fangirl Diaries: How I Met Brockhampton

By Stacey RamirezWeb Content Contributor Brianna Maciel is a senior and a biology major pre-med student at Texas State. Most people imagine that talking to a pre-med student means hearing their stories about long study sessions and countless science classes. But for Maciel, she says the story she’ll remember most from college is barricading for Brockhampton at Austin City Limits 2018 and meeting the boyband. It was the first day […]

todayMarch 5, 2020 84

A picture of Dominic Fikes eyes with the song titles.


Rising Artist: Dominic Fike

By Jenifer RomeroMusic Journalist As a prominent fan of Brockhampton, I follow the group’s social media closely and typically dive into what they post. Back in April, the group posted a link on Twitter to their YouTube channel with a video titled “This Is Dominic Fike.” The video begins with Fike talking, then leading into his hit single “3 Nights”. I immediately fell in love with the song and listened […]

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Five teenage boys sitting on and on top of a couch against a dotted background.



By Caitlin Dunn Music Journalist YouTube recommended me the song “Harvard” from LAUNDRY DAY. I had never heard about them, but recently my recommendations have been amazing, so I gave them a listen and fell in love with the synth-pop flow. LAUNDRY DAY started in the summer of 2017. They are five high schoolers from New York, and they just came out with their new album HOMESICK on March 22. […]

todayApril 2, 2019 349

BROCKHAMPTON performing at the 2018 Austin City Limits.


The Rise of DIY Music

By Caitlin DunnMusic Journalist Unprofessional, imperfect and chill is the recipe for Lo-fi music. This abbreviation is coined from the term low fidelity, fidelity meaning the quality of the music. Lo-fi is an aesthetic of recording music in which the quality of the sound is lower than high fidelity contemporary sounds and where imperfections of the recording are audible. The ‘90s saw the explosion of this new genre emerging from […]

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Concert Review: BROCKHAMPTON at Emo’s

By Aimee Huckeba Music Journalist Austin was the fourth show and last Texas date for the boyband BROCKHAMPTON’s Love Your Parents tour. The atmosphere the fans exuded before the sold-out show as the line started to wrap around the venue was vibrant and full of excitement. Before the doors opened, some of BROCKHAMPTON’s crew was outside asking fans questions and filming their responses. The fans were saying how much the […]

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Live in Studio C

Live in Studio C: PNTHN Teaser

By Jacob Carter Videographer Odd Future...BROCKHAMPTON...PNTHN? San Marcos-based rap group, PNTHN, were gracious enough to drop by Studio C last week for a ROWDY performance. Clocking in at ten members, PNTHN is KTSW’s largest in-studio performance by far. Check out the full interview on Soundcloud to hear about PNTHN Radio, the group’s hand-picked mix of inspirations, as well as a mysterious secret project that’s in the works. If the video […]

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