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Fall Fashion Trends That are Making a Come-Back

By Ally Bolender
Web Content Contributor

Like the seasons, fashion trends come and go. But it’s often that we see some particular pieces come back into mainstream fashion. With cool weather finally coming back to Texas, here are some pieces to re-introduce into your outfit mix. Get ahead of the trends and pull out those pieces hiding in the back of your closet.


I wore a vest almost every day in high school. Puffy vests? Yes. Monogrammed? You bet. Most even have functional pockets too! The style of vests, however, seems to differ from the familiar preppy vests that were common a few years ago.

Athletic style and dramatically puffy vests keep popping up on my feeds, and they look so good dressed down with some cute tennis shoes and long sleeves.

One thing I love about vests is that they’re perfect Texas weather! When it’s freezing on your way to school and ridiculously hot on your way back home, vests come in handy because they don’t smother you like a sweatshirt but still keep your body warm in the cold.

Wide legged and flare pants

A pair of light pants laying on a background with a brown bootie sitting in the top of the photo frame.
Switch up your style of jeans this fall! Photo by Ally Bolender.

Probably the most obvious trend coming back is wide leg or flare jeans.This style of jeans never went out of style, per say, but more and more bloggers are wearing them opposed to skinny jeans and styling them a different way. I remember when it was always skinny jeans with boots, tennis shoes or heels. Now, I am seeing light-wash flare jeans everywhere I go. 

Puffy sleeves

We saw a lot of puffy-sleeved crop tops during the summer months, but I am seeing a lot of puffy-sleeved sweaters and long-sleeves on my feed as the weather cools off.

These popular sleeves give off that ‘80s vibe while maintaining a minimal and clean look. I love incorporating different cuts of tops into my outfits because they can really make an outfit look nicer and more thought-out than a plain sweater. 

Headbands and acrylic hair clips 

Hair clips sitting on a background.
Spice up your fall outfits with colorful acrylic hair clips! They’re perfect for holidays or everyday wear. Photo by Ally Bolender.

This trend really brings me back to Claire’s days. The acrylic hair clips have been all the rave lately, and now I’m seeing them in a lot of gorgeous fall colors paired with booties and sweaters. Headbands of different materials seemed to pop up a lot on my feed this fall as well. They look so cozy, chic and adds a bold accessory to any outfit. 

Bootcut yoga pants 

I know, it’s crazy for me to suggest this, and while bootcut leggings haven’t entirely came back, a part of me is suggesting them because I want them to be popular again. I mean, can we be honest here? Bootcut leggings are way more flattering, comfortable and functional than skinny-leg leggings.

Something about bootcut pants really make anyone’s legs look like Carrie Underwood’s legs. Also, you’re lying if you say you don’t have a pair somewhere on a shelf that you wear from time to time. They are the OG leggings that look great with crop-top sweatshirts and tennis shoes in cool weather. 

I hope this inspires you to incorporate some new pieces in your outfits this fall. But no matter what you wear, confidence always looks best. This fall, I encourage you to dress how you want and own whatever new style you choose.

Featured image by Ally Bolender via Canva.

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