A blurry, eclipsed moon with the phrase “Music Staff Mixtape: Track ‘r Treat” on a blood red background with the rooftops of a haunted house in the bottom left corner.

KTSW Music Staff Picks: Track ‘r Treat

By Conner Yarbrough
Music Director

Halloween is… over (*cries*). But, nothing’s scarier than the last leg of the semester. 

So, to keep the spooky season going right up to Thanksgiving “Break” (it’s really just a long weekend), KTSW Music has compiled a tastefully terrifying playlist for your listening pleasure. Dark, moody, and likely past-due, Track ‘r Treat delivers the adrenaline rush you need to keep you up during those late-night study binges. 

Listen to KTSW Music Staff Mixtape: Track ‘r Treat… if you dare (and check the poster to see who chose your favorites)!

A red, black and white themed landscape of a shadowy, geometric haunted house  on the horizon underneath an eclipsing moon with the phrase “KTSW Music Staff Mixtape: Track ‘r Treat” and the names of the music journalist and the songs they each chose for the mixtape aligned left
The KTSW Music Staff’s hand-selected tracks guaranteed to keep you up at night! Photo by Conner Yarbrough.

Featured image by Conner Yarbrough.

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