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A blurry, eclipsed moon with the phrase “Music Staff Mixtape: Track ‘r Treat” on a blood red background with the rooftops of a haunted house in the bottom left corner.


KTSW Music Staff Picks: Track ‘r Treat

By Conner Yarbrough Music Director Halloween is… over (*cries*). But, nothing’s scarier than the last leg of the semester.  So, to keep the spooky season going right up to Thanksgiving “Break” (it’s really just a long weekend), KTSW Music has compiled a tastefully terrifying playlist for your listening pleasure. Dark, moody, and likely past-due, Track ‘r Treat delivers the adrenaline rush you need to keep you up during those late-night […]

todayNovember 4, 2019 17

Conner Yarbrough, white male, sits in the KTSW studio booth with headphones on while wearing a checkered blue and white shirt.

College Radio Day

Meet the Staff: Conner Yarbrough

By Timia Cobb Web Content Contributor Conner Yarbrough is someone you can’t help but want to know. He’s energetic, relatable and has everything it takes to be the extraordinary music director of KTSW’s music department. Yarbrough has been working at KTSW since his sophomore year of college and was drawn to the radio station because of the similarities it shared with his major. “My major was electronic media so I […]

todayOctober 4, 2019 49

A simplified umbrella with orange, purple, and green panels and the phrase “Music Staff Mixtape: Life’s A Beach” in blue, yellow and red text on a sandy-colored background.


KTSW Music Staff Picks: Life’s A Beach

By Conner YarbroughMusic Director With Friday’s summer solstice under our belts, we’ve survived the longest day of the year and officially made it to summer - and you know what that means... windows down, AC’s cranked to the max and sweaty sunscreened skin. Whether you’re on a trip to the beach, chilling at the river or just hanging out in the Texas heat, the KTSW Music Staff has created […]

todayJune 25, 2019 17

A storm cloud with the phrase “KTSW Music Staff Mixtape” around the top left with the “April Showers” beneath on sunset gradient background


KTSW Music Staff Picks: April Showers

By Conner YarbroughMusic Director Grab your rain boots, umbrellas and Allegra (or Claritin or Mucinex or Zyrtec or any other allergy medicine of your choice) because it’s officially spring here in San Marcos - if you don’t believe me, run your finger along the hood of your car and I’ll bet it’s covered in pollen when you look at it. Unless, of course, the season’s storms have given you an […]

todayApril 15, 2019 28

Three pairs of mirror dice in red, yellow, and blue with the rearview mirror and the phrase “Music Staff Mixtape: Road Trip Tracks” on a black and white checkered background


KTSW Music Staff Picks: Road Trip Tracks Playlist

By Conner Yarbrough Music Director We’ve finally made it through the first half of the spring semester and to the week-long oasis that is spring break. In honor of this temporary freedom and any road trips (near or far) that you may be going on, the music staff has put together a list of our favorite songs to queue the next time you’ve got the aux on the road. Now, […]

todayMarch 18, 2019 37

The three members of Kairos (Jake, Jacob, and Brent) laughing and goofing off


Band of the Week: Kairos

By Conner YarbroughMusic Director What’s better than a San Marcos-based, reggae-inspired rock band? A San Marcos-based, reggae-inspired rock band that makes overwhelmingly tasty pancakes...with cinnamon and maybe a little nutmeg - not once, but twice for the KTSW Band of the Week team. It’s a pleasure to finally introduce (someone cue the drumroll) Kairos! After meeting the band in the fall for our failed first-shoot (that may have involved […]

todayMarch 16, 2019 106

An illustration of the late Aretha Franklin with a purple background and vinyl record behind with the text Black History (a playlist) in the upper left.


Black History (A Playlist)

By Conner YarbroughMusic Director With the end of February signaling the end of Black History Month, various KTSW teams have collaborated to put together Black History (a playlist) featuring black artists across all genres from throughout the decades. This playlist, however, is more than just another set of songs to set a mood. It is, at its heart, a celebration of the often-overlooked influence that black artists have on every aspect […]

todayFebruary 28, 2019 19

A cassette with the phrase “Music Staff Mixtape: Love & Loss” on a pink background


KTSW Music Staff Picks: Love//Loss Playlist

By Conner YarbroughMusic Director It’s that time of year again--the time when we’re all reminded either how loved or how alone we are according to the rest of the world (if you care about that sort of thing). It’s Valentine’s Day and the KTSW music department has created its first staff picks list. This month, in honor of the holiday, we’ve created a list of songs that express both the […]

todayFebruary 14, 2019 36


Band of the Week: Wezmer

Conner Yarbrough Blog Content Contributor + Staff Editor In many ways, music is an entity that continually defines and redefines those who care enough to truly indulge in the art form. While it may sound pretentious to brag on how “powerful” and “sooo relatable” music is, I don’t think one can overstate how transcendent it can actually be. The world of music and musical expression is a community […]

todayNovember 30, 2018 80

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