A colored image of Jack Harlow wearing a black tank top with a gold Kentucky chain looking to his left.

Jack Harlow: Confetti Album Review

By John Galindo
Music Journalist

Artist: Jack Harlow


Release Date: Sept. 19, 2019.

Record Label: Private Garden/ Generation Now

Jack Harlow becomes one of our favorite pastime rappers while simultaneously flexing his Louisville flow and musical repertoire.

Jack Harlow may sound like an unknown, however his personality and viral flows are creating a buzz online and gaining notoriety fast. While his name may be unfamiliar, his online frenzy has been in the works since 2015. Born in Louisville, Kentucky, the 23-year-old is creating his own wave of rap mirroring exactly who Harlow is; unapologetically himself. No need for Harlow to create a pseudo persona or act like something he is not.

Prior to Confetti, Harlow released four other mixtapes and several singles; leveraging internet websites like Youtube to create viral music videos starring Harlow and all his supporters. We can see Harlow driving through the streets of Louisville, flexing on top of houses, and spitting his lyrics bar for bar with a parade of supporters in all his videos. Songs like Sundown”, “Dark Knight” and “Wasted Youth” have all surpassed a million views, gaining almost 120,000 subscribers on Youtube alone.

Harlow’s bounce heavy beats blended with his Kentucky flow sparked enough interest to earn a record deal with DJ Drama and Don Cannons Generation Now Label back in August 2018. These songs reflect his hometown, depicting imagery of adolescent house parties and fleshed out personal experiences.

Confetti arrives this fall to unload more of what Harlow loves to do. The topics of conversation vary from song to song, however, we can still hear Harlow boasting about his new lifestyle, the women he attracts and staying truthful to his hometown. Harlow raps on his second track “Rotten”, “Quit all the Gossip, I am simply a product of people I ride with”, reinforcing everything Harlow embodies.

Like his projects before, Confetti seems to run short, only consisting of 12 tracks. The tonal nature of the songs range from self indulgent head banging to softer verses of reflection. On his final track “River Road”, Harlow gets nostalgic with us and shares some of his more personal feelings surrounding his success and himself. Harlow sings, “Did I change or did they rob me of my innocence? Inner city kids I grew up with, we had some differences, but inside gymnasiums, it’s almost like they didn’t exist.” Harlow goes on to acknowledge that while his music changed, thinking about his older music makes him cringe. Harlow realizes that he is no longer another kid from Kentucky, but more of an icon no one could have ever expected.

Harlow’s newest album sounds similar to most of his current discography. Confetti should be taken lightly, overshadowing his older projects for the time being. Confetti is fun, but harmless like Harlow. For now, we can enjoy a refreshing new music from a promising standout artist like Harlow.

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