Gary Gulman performing stand up comedy.

Gary Gulman Tackles Depression and Masculinity in New Stand-up Special

By Daniel Richter 
Web Content Contributor

With International Men’s Day being this week, this is a great time to highlight one of the bravest stand-up specials in years. Gary Gulman: The Great Depresh on HBO is Gulman’s first special he has released in over four years after he battled crippling depression.

Finding humor in such pain is a challenge but Gulman does it excellently. He walks you through the lowest points of his life including thoughts of hopelessness, retirement and suicide but luckily therapy and treatment helped him slowly get back on his feet. 

Gulman also goes into being pressured to follow strict gender roles in his youth. These gender roles were so stringent in his community he was not allowed to drink sprite because it was seen as girly.

 He demonstrates how life is much better once you gain the confidence to be yourself and not care about what others want from you.

Gulman has always been a big, tall guy and was influenced to play sports at a young age when his heart was not fully in it. With people around him expecting so much from him he often felt as if he was letting everyone down.

He received a full ride to Boston College where he would play football for only a few weeks before his depression overcame him.

It took years for Gulman to find the confidence to speak out about his illness. But since he has, he has inspired many to seek help and try to better themselves.

Having positive male role models in your life is a blessing. This comedy special offers a helping hand to those who might not be as fortunate when it comes to being surrounded by accepting male figures.

If you or someone you know is facing depression or suicidal thoughts here are some resources.

Featured image by Craig Blankenhorn coutesy of HBO promotions.

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