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To All of the Superheroes

By Piper Blake
Assistant Web Content Manager

International Men’s Day is on Nov. 19 this year, and KTSW wants to highlight the influence of men in the world around us. When I think of the most influential man in my life, I always think of my father. To little girls, a father is their “first love,” but what makes a father that figure is their undying support they provide to a family. 

We have all heard the saying, “Not all superheroes wear capes;” this is especially true when defining a father. Whether it’s a stepdad, a dad or a father figure, these are the men that define what a man should be to a girl. 

Not every daughter has the experience of being close with their father for many reasons, but if you do get the chance to be close with your dad, take it. A father teaches you some of the most important life lessons you will ever learn, like how to change a tire, how to defend yourself and how you should be treated by another man. 

My dad is the one that has taught me how to take care of myself in any possible situation. Yes, he does this for his own peace of mind, so he knows I’m safe, but he also does this to help me be an independent woman. 

Let’s be honest, our dads are probably the biggest feminists because they don’t want us relying on any man, ever. They know what boys are like, and they want to protect us from them at all costs. Dads want us to be prepared for what life throws at us because they don’t want to see their little girls get hurt. Dads are protectors at heart, and that’s what makes them so special. 

Also, they are the first example we see of how women should be treated in a relationship. This example will determine how their children view relationships and potential partners in the future.

I have always admired my dad’s friendship and love he has with my mom. He can read her mind and be her superhero anytime he knows she needs him. This has always made me hope for the day that I will find a man to fill the role for me that he has held for so long for my mom. 

A dad wants the best for his little girl– no matter what. They will transform into anything you need them to be at any moment. Whether it be a friend, a defender or a biggest fan, they will be there. 

Most dads would rather watch football than to be watching little girls dance around in ballerina shoes or attending volleyball tournaments every weekend, but they do it for us. 

They do it for the laughs, the heartache, the victories and the losses. Whatever it takes to support their child, a father will be there. Some of the best moments come out of these experiences together. 

I don’t appreciate enough everything my dad has done for me over the years because at some point you get used to having someone to catch you when you fall. Not having him with me while in college has really opened my eyes to how much I relied on him for all these years. 

It hurts to see that once you hit a certain age, you must sink or swim on your own, but I just have to remember, help is only a phone call away. And Just like a superhero they will always be there to save you.

Featured image by Piper Blake via Canva.

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