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New Year’s Resolutions Suck

By Piper Blake
Assistant Web Content Manager

New Year’s resolutions suck. That’s just a fact that every person who tries to commit to a resolution sooner or later figures out.

I personally hate resolutions due to the pressure that they put on you and the uncertainty that in the end, it will have made you a happier and better person.

Resolutions are broken so easily because with the new year comes with new changes that your resolution doesn’t fit into anymore. People’s situations are always changing and resolutions stay the same. They are a goal set when you thought that’s what you needed in your life.

We are trained to think that with a new year we have to find the things that need improving in our lives. Why aren’t we thinking about what needs to be improved as it occurs?

I have found that setting goals for your self throughout the year become more impactful and useful than something you start out saying you’ll do that never becomes a habit.

For most people starting the new year means they want to become more fit, more successful or more adventurous. These are all things that need conscious effort. It won’t just happen unless you are willing to make that change.

Overall, resolutions fail due to the fact that they don’t end up making you happy. Setting goals that are hard to reach will lead to negativity and less motivation than you had before.

I don’t like making resolutions because I have enough things to worry about than trying to stick to a strict regiment of something I hate just to try to achieve something I didn’t really want.

Everything we do has to be done in moderation to keep from being overwhelmed or burnt out. Some people are good at being disciplined but others need to allow themselves some wiggle room when it comes to making a lifestyle change.

Like I said I don’t like making resolutions. I think that if I’m going to make a change in my life it has to be because I want it so bad I’m willing to make an effort every day to achieve it. However, that doesn’t mean I will take away things that make me happy just to achieve that goal.

This past semester I finally got to the point where I was so tired of looking in the mirror and seeing flaws that I knew only I could see. So, I had to make the decision that I would start working out as many days during the week that my schedule allowed and make more of an effort to eat clean.

That doesn’t mean I don’t take rest days or have my cheat days. I definitely do. I have learned that it doesn’t have to be a strict lifestyle change but putting effort towards a lifestyle change that makes the biggest difference.

Since the end of August till now, I have been able to stick with these choices and have seen so much improvement in my body and my overall happiness. I’ve gained so much confidence in myself that I never had before.

Improving your happiness should be the end result of any goal you set. It shouldn’t be a goal that is made lightly just because you think “oh that might be good for me” or “that could be the thing I’m missing in life”.

You will know that you need a change when your brain and conscience is screaming at you for it.

Resolutions become worn out and thrown out because, in the end, that’s not the thing you needed to change. It just takes time away from the things you actually want to be doing.

Featured image by Piper Blake.

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