The logo for the app, TikTok. It is a black background with a colorful music note.

I Didn’t Know I Needed TikTok This Bad

By Ally Bolender
Web Content Contributor

TikTok. It may be a platform under investigation by the U.S. National Security, takes a remarkable amount of your information and bans any content that badly portrays China, but god-damn that app is hilarious.

When I first heard about TikTok, I absolutely refused to download it. At first, all I saw was the cringy content like high-school kids posting dancing and relationship-themed videos. Then suddenly, it seemed like actual funny people got on the app.

That or TikTok stopped using bad videos in their advertisements.  

My relationship with TikTok progressed from watching the best videos go viral on Twitter to watching TikTok compilations on YouTube– but there are only so many TikTok compilations. 

Still, I vowed to never download the app. 

Why, you ask? I had this powerful feeling that if I downloaded TikTok, it would be like cheating on Vine with its weirder cousin who always has bad breath. What I had with Vine was special, and I’m not being dramatic when I say that it shaped who I am today.

What I find funny, what I say in a silence, what goes through my mind every time I see a plastic rat or hear someone talking about roommates… 

I remember spending hours scrolling on Vine. I would dig deep in random hashtags for the most obscure content. Vine was a community, and if you clicked on this article, you probably had a similar experience.  

But people move on. As much as I don’t want to admit it– Vine is dead. It was time for me to get back out there. So, I finally did it. I downloaded TikTok. 

Not a big deal, right? It’s an app Ally, you don’t have to be so serious. 

Wrong. This app is consuming my life. I wake up in the middle of the night, sweating, all I hear is “GO DEMARCUS GO DEMARCUS.” I don’t even watch TV anymore, I have all the comedic gold in the palm of my hand.

Vine had me thinking we all had similar childhoods. TikTok makes me question if my reality is even real. I have no idea how to make videos, but that’s okay. I’m not looking for clout, I’m just here to laugh.

Like all things, TikTok will eventually die. Whether down the path Vine went, shut down  because they couldn’t figure out how to make any money, or because something new comes along.

But for now, I’m going to procrastinate studying and enjoy the content that our generation puts out.

Featured image by Ally Bolender.

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