To Finsta or Not to Finsta

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By Stacey Ramirez
Web Content Contributor

You aren’t what you post on your Insta, but you probably are what you post on your finsta.

I don’t consider myself a catfish at least not in the sense that I’m using someone else’s face to trick people into thinking I’m someone else. But I do feel like my Instagram is a catfish, meaning I post only the extra exciting parts in my life.

And I guess I’ve done a great job about it. I might get a message or a comment from someone who I haven’t talk to in years or I only talked to in class once and telling me how they wish they could be me or how amazing my life is. So, I must be really good at posting the right stuff because I’m writing this on a Friday night alone in bed while watching TikTok – but I would never post about that.

I used to judge people for having a finsta. Not because I think they’re dumb, but because I always believed you should feel free to post what you wanted. I thought the idea of having a private page you’re too scared to show people limited you. I would tell people that they shouldn’t be scared to post something silly, awkward, or sad because it was a part of who they are.

a yellow background with a computer screen with a red heart and a white locket next to it.
A finsta page provides a space to post anything you while filtering who sees it. Image by Stacey Ramirez.

But I think that makes me a hypocrite. I’ve never had a finsta, but I’ve also never posted anything that doesn’t align with my theme of concerts, travel, fun and oversaturated filters.

I think it’s healthy to have a finsta because even if you’re scared to show everyone the random ugly chunks of your life at least you’re willing to show some people. So, in a way I think people who are willing to post even if it’s for a smaller audience are already braver than me.

I only post the most exciting moments. The last two pictures I’ve posted was a trip to New York and a music festival like it’s every day. I don’t even post about going out to lunch with friends because I think people will find my “spamming” annoying. I think we all kind of fear that.

People have a finsta for many reasons. Maybe it’s your random drunk post and in that case, I totally understand because since middle school we’ve been warned not to post anything we don’t want an employer to see. In fact, I read about a hiring manager who didn’t like how a girl posted her vacation photos while wearing a bikini and then used it as an example for other applicants about what not to do. So how can we not be scared of what the world thinks when we can’t even post about being on the beach.

I asked people why they created a finsta in the first place. Most said that it’s more freeing because people expect it to be random or weird.

I feel like we should always feel this way. Free to post something random or imperfect even if it’s small steps like your favorite song for your favorite movie and not feel obligated to only share pretty moments. You should feel comfortable showing your work out progress or what you had for dinner or a bad hair day you thought was funny.  But you don’t have to share it with everyone. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve added a song someone posted on their story.

a hand hovers over a laptop keyboard
Having both a main Instagram page and a finsta can be a way to allow you to be whoever you want on either page. Image by Stacey Ramirez.

So why do we filter our self on our main Instagram? Maybe it’s because were all low-key trying to be a social influencer or maybe because it’s an escapism where we can be whoever, maybe we just love the validation. 

So, my what question to anyone reading this is: Why do you have a finista?

Featured image by Stacey Ramirez.

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