A DLC skin for Tachanka sits slightly right of the image.

The Lord is Rewritten!

By Ashton Herman
Web Content Contributor

Recently, I had covered the topic of a certain “Rainbow Six: Siege” operator by the name of Tachanka. The ending of the article was left slightly ambiguous, but still had a slightly bleak outlook on the development of this character.

Well, seventeen hours after the finalization and publication of that article, a rework was announced that so many fans, myself included, had been waiting for. So now, instead of hoping for what will come, we shall delve into what will be, and look in detail on what this new update has in store for this old operator.

The mounted weapon sits right of center of the image, with a barricade standing just in front.
Tachanka’s stationary turret shall become a primary, allowing for more mobility in game. Screenshot by Ashton Herman via Rainbow Six: Siege.

The first major change to this character’s play style is the turret function, or rather, the lack of one. Previously, Tachanka had relied on a placeable mounted weapon with a shield that protected the user. While interesting in theory, the gadget was useless in practice. For in a game that is constantly in motion, having an ability that requires you to stand still is impractical and near unviable.

With the new expansion Void Edge coming to “Rainbow Six,” Tachanka’s turret will no longer be a turret, but rather a primary weapon. This new change would give this operator a newfound mobility that had not been seen since the game’s inception. On top of this, the gun will retain a majority of its firepower, being strong enough to punch holes through unreinforced walls.

A second, yet equally as important update to this character is the addition of a timed incendiary grenade launcher. So now, not only has Tachanka gained a sense of mobility, he has been granted area denial, an effective tactic when used against the straightforward rush strategies of most offensive operators.

I believe that this update, while long overdue, shall be an invaluable change to Tachanka. Currently, this operator is the least picked defender, despite having one of the largest followings. But with this massive rework, this fan-declared Lord shall finally earn his title.

Header image screenshot by Ashton Herman via Rainbow Six: Siege.

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