In front of a blue and purple background, Alaina Moore and her partner, Patrick Riley are standing but not looking at each other.

Tennis at Paper Tiger

By Bridget Dunbar
Music Journalist 

The band Tennis held a concert at Paper Tiger in San Antonio, Texas on Friday, Feb. 28.  The band is made up of two members: Alaina Moore and her husband, Patrick Riley.

The two started producing music in 2010 with their first project, “Cape Dory, Young and Old,” about the couple’s sailing trip. They have since toured the country and released many other records within the past ten years.  

Tennis’ music is soft. It has simple melodies and riffs that make it perfect for easy listening. Songs like “Take me Somewhere” and “Waterbirds” from the 2011 album “Cape Dory,” express this perfectly. “Bad Girls” from “Ritual in Repeat” (2014) is one of my favorite songs. It goes a little harder compared to the easy-listening songs of the previous album.

Their newest album was released in 2020 and is called “Swimmer.” This break-out album is in the same vein as their previous albums and the lyrics carry the weight of living with guilt and grief.   

Paper Tiger is a venue in San Antonio, Texas that hosts all kinds of bands: noise, indie, punk and everything else under the sun. The concert was being promoted by Margin Walker Presents, a local promoting company. The concert was so much fun: good music, good friends, and good times!  

My friend and I actually got to meet Tennis at the merch stand which was super cool. The opening act, Molly Burch, was also fun to watch. All in all, I had a great time at this concert!

Featured image retrieved from Tennis.

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