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Black converse shoes with two paper American Apparel bags between the two shoes. The bag and shoes are on concrete.


A Musical Guide to the 2014 Tumblr Aesthetic

Sofia Gualy Music Journalist Earlier this month, my friends threw me a 2014 Tumblr-themed birthday party. Throat full of chokers, American Apparel clothing, and band tees, this party was a dream for people like me who were extremely invested in this aesthetic. The playlist we created ended up being over nine hours long including Halsey, The 1975, and Arctic Monkeys. Listed below for your pleasure are the quintessential albums to […]

todayJune 27, 2022 17

4 band members stand in a line playing the guitar and bass. The stage is lit with purple lights. They all stand behind microphones. A projector displaying the band name “Disq” is at the back of the stage.

Concert Review

Concert Review: Greer with Disq

By Clara Blankenship Music Journalist Concert audiences usually come to see their favorite band perform, unaware of the members’ personalities or external lives. However, for Greer, their fame extends beyond music. Greer is a band consisting of lead singer Josiah, guitarist Corbin Jacques, bassist Seth Thomson, and drummer Lucas Ovalle. Their music quickly rose to popularity due to their past individual internet virality, as well as; Josiah and Lucas’ connection […]

todayJune 21, 2022 44

Harry Styles stands in a white collared top with dark jeans, in an upside-down room centered with a brown couch, bordered by a side table and chair. The room is lit by natural light.


Harry Styles Album Review: Harry’s House

Ashley Farnie Music Director The topic of artists shifting genres throughout their musical careers is a polarizing argument. The artist is accused of “abandoning their roots” or becoming molded by the mass media, without their personal autonomy considered. Regardless of the verdict, this recurrent issue questions the validity of our categorization of artists within genres.   Should we evaluate each album as independent, taking a sort of new critical literary […]

todayJune 8, 2022 91 3

Phoebe Bridgers with an acoustic guitar, illuminated by a purple glow, backed by a garden scene with a bridge and tidal wave.


Sloppy Jane opens for Phoebe Bridgers

by Ashley Farnie Music Director   Since Punisher’s release in 2020, Phoebe Bridgers stans, myself included, have been awaiting the album’s tour. Punisher’s emotional transparency soundtracked many of our quarantine beginnings, breeding a generation of depressed adolescents. Opening with a cinematic overture and closing with an orchestrated ballad that builds into screams, two years were spent imagining the potential of Punisher onstage. Thankfully, Phoebe set out on her Reunion Tour […]

todayMay 30, 2022 70

Band members from Son Lux perform on a stage with 4 lighting pillars. The lights are blue and purple, with blue spotlights shining down onto the stage. Drummer Ian Chang sits in the center of the stage playing drums. Ryan Lott is on the right side of the stage singing and playing the keyboard. The bottom of the photograph is full of the shadows of audience members.

Concert Review

Concert Review: Son Lux Pushes Musical Boundaries

Clara Blankenship Music Journalist The enthralling, avant-garde, spontaneous sounds of Son Lux up-close in an incredibly small venue? Say less. Son Lux is an eclectic band that pushes musical boundaries while remaining grounded in jazz and rock essentials. Their music is difficult to describe, as it is a genre-melting pot, featuring electronic, alternative, and classical elements seamlessly blended to create an endlessly engaging listening experience. Son Lux is comprised of […]

todayMay 28, 2022 48

Alex Hendricks (left) in black shirt and black jeans, playing an electric guitar while looking at the fretboard. David Welsch (right) in white ringer tee lined in red, with “USA” across the chest behind an image of a globe centered on the African continent. A SXSW green and blue banner backgrounds the image.


“The Other Side” Sound at SXSW

Ashley Farnie Music Director San Marcos locals and Texas State Alumni are familiar with KTSW’s sound and slogan, “The Other Side of Radio.” KTSW spins tracks you would not hear on a commercial radio station: undiscovered artists, local musicians, and unconventional tunes make for the perfect unpredictable programming – a cornerstone of KTSW’s philosophy. SXSW’s intent to showcase up-and-coming artists coincides with KTSW’s music department, always looking out for new […]

todayMay 25, 2022 54

Pedro The Lion Album Cover Winners Never Quit


20 Years Later: Revisiting Pedro The Lion’s Winners Never Quit

By Bradley BarnesMusic Journalist Everyone has that one band or musician that never fails to strike the right chords (pun partially intended). Whether it’s the sound, lyrics or mood they create, this artist is seemingly incapable of writing a song that you don’t absolutely adore, and you always wind up grinning ear-to-ear while singing along. For me, that artist is Pedro The Lion, and I’ve been a fan since around […]

todayNovember 21, 2020 386

Photo from album photoshoot for Sasha Sloans Only Child.


Sasha Sloan: Only Child Album Review

By Ashley FarnieMusic Journalist Despite making music for nearly three years, Sasha Sloan’s debut album, Only Child, finally drops during a year full of upsets and disappointments. With her raw and honest lyrics, Sloan unpacks the complications of growing up as a woman in a society focused on human connection and physical appearance. She teaches us life lessons through her articulately formed thoughts and lyrics. As the album opener, “Matter […]

todayNovember 20, 2020 196


Tame Impala: Lonerism Album Review

By Gabriela SolisMusic Journalist Just over 8 years ago, in early October 2012, Tame Impala released their second studio album, Lonerism. Kevin Parker, the man behind the music, said in an interview with DIY Magazine that he desired to experiment with his friend’s vintage synthesizer after focusing so heavily on guitar with his first album, Innerspeaker. In addition to this newfound world of this vintage synth for Parker, he also […]

todayNovember 6, 2020 21

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