A Wake the Dead sign attracts potential customers.

Don’t Talk To Me Until I Have My Coffee

By Tiger Shi
Web Content Contributor

It was the fall 2017 semester of my freshman year at Texas State. I woke up early for my very first 8 a.m. class, the university seminar. Normally, I was used to waking up early because my high school started the day at 7:45. I got breakfast at Commons Dining Hall and tasted their coffee. It was alright, not too bad. Later on that semester, I frequently went to Jones for Dunkin’ Donuts’ lattes and eventually Starbucks on campus. However, I soon realized there are some good coffee shops around town.  

I honestly was not a coffee person before, despite my father’s coffee machine sitting in the kitchen counter at home tempting me. It was really when I attended college that I began to drink coffee on a regular basis. I’m confident to say that I’m now a regular customer at Mochas and Javas, Tantra Coffeehouse and Wake the Dead Coffee. These are three of many popular coffee shops that Texas State Bobcats tend to hang out or study at. 

Mochas and Javas running business as usual.
Mochas and Javas is a popular study area. Image by Tiger Shi.

I discovered Mochas and Javas after regularly eating at a nearby Japanese restaurant called Umami Sushi. From there, I occasionally go to Mochas to hang out and read. I didn’t go there to study until last year. I like to order their specially-unique named coffee like the Dirty Blonde and the Yoda mach-latté, made popular by Baby Yoda in Star Wars show The Mandalorian

I frequently go to Mochas and Javas when I have a paper to write, tests to study for, notes to review or even to just take a break in-between classes. I go to Mochas to relax; it is essentially my base of operations. Aside from coffee, their snacks are enjoyable as well. 

Tantra as seen across the street from the HEB.
Tantra Coffeehouse is a unique coffee shop. Image by Tiger Shi.

Tantra Coffeehouse, located next to the small HEB, is another one of my favorite coffee shops. I initially didn’t know it was a coffee shop my freshman year. I walked passed it thinking it was a bar because as a freshman at the time, I assumed it was given how close it is to the Square. I didn’t go again until during last winter break with a couple of friends. Their coffee was great but I loved the environment of the place. It gave me that Austin music festival vibe. 

A Wake the Dead sign attracts potential customers.
Wake the Dead has a creative theme. Image by Tiger Shi.

Finally, there is Wake the Dead Coffee. This one is convenient for my roommates and I because it’s located close to our apartment. We can easily grab coffee on the way to class or back home. I love the way they decorated the place: it reminds me of The Walking Dead, the Day of the Dead holiday or anything “undead” themed. The coffee is okay– it’s not my top favorite, but it is still one of my favorites. 

Coffee is one way that helps me move about with my day. Although it will either make me feel energetic or sleepy, I’ll still buy coffee. These shops around town shall further support my time at Texas State until I walk across the stage at graduation, funding the war effort for that degree with caffeine.

Featured image by Tiger Shi.

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