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5 Binge-worthy Shows on Netflix Right Now

By Ally Bolender
Assistant Web Content Manager

Are you re-watching “The Office” for the eighth time? Don’t lie.

The seemingly endless options of TV shows on streaming platforms can be overwhelming at times. So, here are some different binge-worthy TV recommendations to try out on Netflix right now. From comedy to documentary, there should be a little something for everyone on this list.

I hope that these suggestions can give you some guidance while stuck at home binge-watching.

1. “Tiger King”

If you’ve been on Twitter recently, you’ve most likely seen out-of-context memes about “Tiger King.” If there is any show to binge-watch right now, it’s this one. “Tiger King” follows the life of the Tiger King, Joe Exotic, and the biggest influencers of the big cats’ community. What started off as a glimpse into this lifestyle quickly turned into an incredible story of revenge, crime and, above all else, speculation.

The filmmakers, Eric Goode and Rebecca Chaiklin, did an incredible job telling this story and capturing all the twists and turns of the relationships within the big cat community. “Tiger King” currently holds the number one spot of the most watched TV and movies on Netflix right now. So, I highly recommend starting “Tiger King” during your quarantine.


“Ozark” is a crime drama TV show on Netflix about a family man, played by the wonderful Jason Bateman (range, much?), who finds himself on the wrong side of a Mexican drug lord. The premise of the show is how long Marty can keep his family safe from the people he owes money to.

The third season of “Ozark” debuted Mar. 27 on Netflix, so you have plenty to catch up. I recommend giving “Ozark” a try if you like a dark drama show that will keep you on edge. If you’re looking to laugh, however, try this next option…

3.“I Think You Should Leave”

“I Think You Should Leave” may just be the funniest thing on Netflix right now. The show only contains six episodes, but it will make you wish there were more. “I Think You Should Leave” is a comedy skit-show with Tim Robinson with various guest actors, actresses and comedians from the comedy world.

“I Think You Should Leave” never gets boring. With four or five skits per episode, it’s the perfect amount of obscure and outrageous humor to swallow. If you want to laugh, I couldn’t recommend a better show to binge.

4.“The Good Place”

If you haven’t started “The Good Place” already, now is the perfect time. It was just wrapped up after its season three finale, and the ending makes all the time spent bingeing so worth it.

“The Good Place” is unique — it brings about serious questions about ethics and the afterlife, all while being a comedy. I would recommend bingeing this show for the deepening-plot and character development.

The cast of “The Good Place” is impeccable, and they all play their distinct roles perfectly. “The Good Place” is going to be your wholesome, philosophical and relatable binge-show out there.

5.“Workin’ Moms”

I binge watched “Workin’ Moms” about a year ago, and it has stayed one of my favorite series. The feminist comedy dives into the lives of working mothers balancing kids, identity, mental health and life in general. The series gets seriously raw at times, forcing viewers to think about family, career and love from a new perspective. I even shed a few tears.

I especially love the scenes where mothers (and sometimes fathers) gossip during mommies’ group. It’s a light-hearted comedy at times, but can get real when diving into the fictional lives of these friends.

I hope this list helps you find something new to watch with the extra time you have. Thanks for staying indoors and doing an important part of keeping your community safe. So, go ahead, relax and enjoy something new to watch.

Featured image by Ally Bolender.

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