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Youtube Channels For A Quarantined Concert-Loving Heart

By Zoe Elter
Music Journalist

Concerts are a unique way to experience your favorite music in a live setting. However, the recent cancellation of any event that consists of a large sum of people has left many of us music lovers struggling. We can no longer go out and watch some of our favorite artists live, so I am here to present to you the next best thing.

You can find a YouTube channel for anything nowadays, live music included. There are many channels dedicated to supplying their viewers with the raw and unfiltered music they aim to hear at concerts, but these channels allow you to do so within the safety of your own home. There are tons of these channels out there. But I am here to supply, in my opinion, the best of the best.


Audiotree is a record label based out of Chicago that made its name creating recordings of live performances. They are most commonly known for their Audiotree Live sessions that are recorded in their studio. But they also record artists in live concert settings, record artists in unusual environments in their Far Out sessions, and they create playlists on both Spotify and Apple Music. They cover a broad spectrum of artists in the alternative music scene. From indie rock, punk and psych rock, they are bound to have something for everyone to enjoy.

Sofar Sounds

Sofar Sounds is most commonly known for their live shows, curating unique live performances around the world. Their channel states that they aim to bring “artists and guests together in intimate settings without distractions, pretense or crowds.” This results in some fantastic live recordings from amazing artists from every corner of the globe.


“All COLORS, no genres,” is COLORS’ motto. They are the perfect channel to find any genre you could possibly think of. From big names in the music industry to smaller artists from all around the world, COLORS has it all. Their simple backdrop and minimal setting allow for viewers to really focus on the artist they are listening too. There are no gimmicks, just your favorite artists performing and being themselves.

NPR Music

NPR Music’s channel has a wide variety of content from live shows to documentaries. But their most widely known installment is their Tiny Desk Concerts. The Tiny Desk Concerts stand out from other live recordings because of how intimate they feel. These videos showcase a variety of artists performing live from the NPR Music Office, and the stripped-down setting allows for you to hear your favorite songs in a new light.

Onstage 2.0

In tribute to my first article about the Korean indie scene, I decided I had to include Onstage 2.0. They have been providing high-quality live recordings of Korean artists from across the broad spectrum that is the k-indie scene since 2011. Not only is their studio aesthetically pleasing to look at, but all the artists they showcase are unique. Onstage 2.0 is not only a great way to get your live music fill, but it’s also a great way to broaden your music taste.


Mahogany advertises themselves as a way to get closer to your favorite artists. And their most recent installment of “The Isolation Sessions” is further proof that they are going to do just that. Not only can you watch their usual videos, but now they are allowing artists to submit their own self recorded sessions while in isolation. So if you need intimate live recordings that are sure to keep coming, then check out Mahogany.

Hopefully, I aided in curing your concert blues and possibly helped you find new artists in the process. I truly believe music can cure most things, including isolation blues. So make sure to stay safe, stay positive, and keep washing those hands.

Featured image by Zoe Elter.

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