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The album cover for “LA Trains” by eaJ Alt-text: There is a polaroid of the soundboard with two blurred out polaroids sitting on top of it. The two polaroids have LA Trains written on them in sharpie. And the larger polaroid has the date 01.17.20 and eaJ written on it in sharpie.


Webcam Covers, World Tours, and a Solo Debut: Who is eaJ?

By Zoe ElterMusic Journalist I’ve written multiple articles, at this point, about various artists in the Korean Music Industry. In all honesty, I can’t put a finger on why K-pop and its surrounding genres fascinate me. There is something unique about it. However, I can understand why some people may be adamant about venturing into the foreign territory that is this genre. There are so many artists and groups that […]

todaySeptember 5, 2020 204

There is a pair of black sunglasses with gold accents, a coral pink polaroid camera, and three polaroid pictures on top of a grey and white striped towel. One of the polaroids shows the landscape of the San Marcos River, and the other two pictures show smiling girls wearing swimsuits.


Not All Is Lost: An Ode to my Freshman Year

By Zoe ElterMusic Journalist Given the condition of the world right now, being negative seems as easy as breathing. And I suppose that it is acceptable. It’s hard to ignore the climbing numbers, and there seems to be tragedy in every news post, Instagram story, and Twitter feed. I can definitely see how all of this makes smiling a bit difficult. However—and it might just be my inner optimist begging […]

todayAugust 21, 2020 18

Dream Perfect Regime or DPR’s Logo


Dream Perfect Regime: Who is DPR?

By Zoe ElterMusic Journalist Imagine working at a company where you have almost complete creative control and all of your coworkers are some of your closest friends. It sounds like a dream come true, doesn’t it? That’s exactly what Dream Perfect Regime, known as DPR, is. DPR is “a fully independent entertainment label, reduced down to just a group of friends,” based out of Seoul, South Korea. The members of […]

todayJuly 15, 2020 108313 4

There are three people, appearing to be men, standing on a checkered, baby blue and off-white, tiled floor. The image only catches their feet and legs. The person standing left of the image is wearing black and grey socks, and a blue skirt that falls at their mid thigh. The person standing in the center is barefoot and wearing a brown skirt that stops right above their ankles. And the person standing to the right of the image is wearing a pale blue dress with red ribbons at the bottom, black and blue striped sock, and a pair of fuzzy, pink, puppy slippers. They are standing in a semicircle leaving a vacant area on the floor where the phrases “Peach Pit” and “You and Your Friends” are placed in wavy white font. There is also a very small parental advisory sticker in the bottom right corner.


Peach Pit: You and Your Friends Album Review

By Zoe ElterMusic Journalist Album: You and Your FriendsArtist: Peach PitRelease Date: April 3, 2020Website I initially fell in love with Peach Pit when I stumbled across this live performance of their song "Alrighty Aphrodite" in late 2016. Ever since then, I have been following their music with almost reckless abandon. Peach Pit, coupling Neil Smith's voice with the innovative bedroom pop style, has a sound that is all their […]

todayApril 29, 2020 1851

In the background you can see a blue to yellow gradient. In the foreground the youtube logo is in the center with the words, “channels for a quarantined heart” going around it in a circle. All text is in a baby pink color.


Youtube Channels For A Quarantined Concert-Loving Heart

By Zoe ElterMusic Journalist Concerts are a unique way to experience your favorite music in a live setting. However, the recent cancellation of any event that consists of a large sum of people has left many of us music lovers struggling. We can no longer go out and watch some of our favorite artists live, so I am here to present to you the next best thing. You can find […]

todayApril 13, 2020 301

The image is flat gray and the band's name seems to be indented with a faint white shadow behind. In the top left corner of a burnt orange, circular patch with a zigzag border, and the album name in the center of it.


COIN: “Dreamland” Album Review

By Zoe ElterMusic Journalist Album: DreamlandArtist: COINRelease Date: February 21, 2020Website When COIN initially announced the release of their third album, I honestly didn’t know what to expect. Their first two albums, COIN and How Will You Know If You Never Try, both possess their own unique colors. Each one of COIN’s albums seem to tell very different stories by utilizing many unique sounds.  In an Instagram post announcing COIN’s […]

todayMarch 6, 2020 121

The image is an abstract illustration that features a background that consists of a pitch-black sky and an ocean painted with purple, yellow, pink and various blues. In the foreground are a baby pink smoke cloud and various individual people and animals. You can see various small figures, gymnasts, children listening to a teacher, a large head of a woman wearing pink glasses, a man in a yellow shirt standing on floating chairs, and a man in a green shirt wearing a gas mask while holding the halter of a horse by his side.


The Ultimate K-Indie Introductory Playlist

By Zoe Elter Music Journalist With the recent international rise of K-pop, many people (myself included) have positively crossed boundaries with the music they listen to. However, K-pop as a whole aims to reach out to a very specific audience. Elaborate commercial concepts and mass-produced supergroups, while exciting and unique, might not be to everyone’s taste. While I love groups like BTS, NCT and BlackPink, a need for a more […]

todayFebruary 21, 2020 2061

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