04/15/20 Coronavirus (COVID-19) Update

By Hector Montemayor-Perez
News Reporter

SAN MARCOS, Texas – The Hays County Local Health Department reported six new COVID-19 lab-confirmed positive cases today. This brings the total of active cases in Hays County to 65. 

Today in a press release the Hays County Local Health Department detailed their plan for contact tracing COVID-19 for various individuals.

The plan varies on the individual and certain criteria. If a member of the public believes they have COVID-19 and contact their local health department but are self-isolating and do not want to be tested, then a representative will ask about close contacts they had beginning 14 days prior to feeling any symptoms.

If the individual doesn’t know if they’ve been exposed to a confirmed case, they will be asked to notify friends and family who they’ve been in contact with and let them know to monitor for COVID-19 symptoms. The Hays County Local Health Department suggests that this monitoring should be sustained for 14 days starting with the last time they had contact with the suspected COVID-19 individual.

If a member of the public tests positive, a representative will contact the patient and start the contact tracing in the same way.

If the individual provides names and phone numbers of persons that they have been around within the 14-day period, those persons are contacted. These contacts are interviewed for COVID-19 symptoms and informed that they may have been exposed to the virus. They are also asked if they have had any close contact with lab-confirmed COVID-19 cases that they are aware of.

If the person has only been around household family and been to a couple of public places for groceries and errands, the contact tracing ends there. 

If a COVID-19-positive patient is a healthcare provider or first responder, the contact tracing is much more in depth. Every individual that person has come into contact with over the last 14 days will be contacted. 

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