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4 Multiplayer Video Games for Quarantine

By Brittany Anderson
Assistant Web Content Manager

I don’t know about anyone else, but I’ve been playing a lot of Xbox while in quarantine.

For the most part, I’ve never been big on the video game fad. I have no problem just sitting on the couch watching other people play for hours, but desperate times call for desperate measures, and even I can appreciate playing a good game every once in a while. 

Amid quarantine, what’s even better than watching my roommates play, is playing with them.

LEGO Harry Potter (Years 1-7)

I realize that “nerd culture” is pretty synonymous with “pop culture” nowadays, so if you’re a Potterhead like myself, why not delve into the LEGO Harry Potter games?

These games can sometimes feel skewed towards a younger audience, but I still find myself genuinely enjoying them. Not only do they make me nostalgic for the films, but they’re also incredibly intricate and challenging.

It would take months of consistent playing to reach 100% completion, so playing with someone else makes it better — and increases your chance of collecting everything you need to unlock the ridiculous amount of extras. 


Truly one of the most challenging (and at times, frustrating) games I’ve ever played; Overcooked requires an intense amount of concentration, teamwork and quick thinking.

Previous kitchen experience is not required, but in this race against the clock to send out as many correct orders, you might find yourself yelling out things to your fellow players like “BEHIND,” or “I NEED THIS ON THE FLY.”

Death Squared

If logical games with cheesy commentary and weirdly cute robots are your forte, then Death Squared is your guy.

This game requires a lot of staring at the screen and contemplating out loud which moves to make next.

It’s pretty heartbreaking when your little cubed robot gets destroyed by a laser or plummets to its death, but sometimes the solution is not as complex as it looks. Talk it out with the other players!


This supernatural adventure is geared towards being a single-player game, but I find that in a sense it can still be multiplayer. It’s sort of like everyone’s watching a mini-movie, even though one person is in charge of it all.

As the player, you control the main character, Alex, by choosing how she responds to other characters or what she does, thus affecting her relationship with them and the game itself.

It’s creepy and thrilling with beautiful graphics and dynamic dialogue. With the amount of player freedom, there’s a dazzling array of different mysterious endings you can reach. Getting input from those watching about what to make Alex say or do next will surely help mix things up.

These multiplayer games are just a few fun and engaging ways to give yourself a break in these weird times. Even better, is that they’re all available on other consoles, not just Xbox (shoutout to my PlayStation 4 people).

Even if we can’t go outside and be social right now, I hope you’re quarantined with some people you can play games with. It seriously makes all the difference.

Featured image by Brittany Anderson via Canva.

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