My old dog named Rudy

Old Dogs Need Love Too

By Danielle Rubio
Web Content Contributor

From my knowledge with working with animals, specifically dogs, no one wants an old dog. Everyone has “puppy fever” and wants to be able to teach them new tricks and hope they stay little forever. However, that’s not realistic. Dogs age just like people, they grow old and develop health problems.

I see it all the time: people adopt or buy a dog then give it to the shelter when the dog gets “too old.” I do not understand– would you give one of your grandparents up for younger grandparent?

I currently have a 16-year-old miniature schnauzer and I would never give him up for a puppy. He has health problems that an old human could have. He’s blind, hard of hearing and has arthritis. But that’s what comes with age, he is still a puppy at heart and still loves to run and play.

My dog was a rescue that needed love and a forever home, and that’s exactly what he got. Old dogs need love, especially in my dog’s case.

He had a whole family before me. Then one day, his owners decided they didn’t want him anymore, which is truly sad to think about. Imagine waking up one morning to a whole different family because your original family didn’t want you anymore.

Also, senior dogs are in their last stage of life. They should be loved while their last moments slowly arrive. I’m not ready for the day that I lose my best friend. Having a bond with a dog is a life-changing thing.

Dogs are a little being that can’t talk, but are your best friend. Watching him slowly get more and more health problems is heart-breaking, but, there’s nothing I can do other than loving my old dog until his final day arrives.

No dog should go unloved just because of their age, we need to normalize adopting older dogs. Because at the end of the day, they want the same thing puppy’s want– love.

We should be thanking our older dogs for all the laughs and love they have given us throughout their lives. We should be making sure they have everything they need for the day they grow their angle wings.

Every puppy is eventually going to grow old. It is inevitable. So why wouldn’t we give dogs the best life possible? We can’t forget that as we’re growing up, so are they.

Featured image by Danielle Rubio. 

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