Release of Inmates Raises Safety Concerns

By Tiger Shi
Junior News Reporter

SAN MARCOS, Texas – States across the country faced the challenging decision of releasing prisoners from behind bars to help slow the spread of the coronavirus. While some states had already released prisoners, Texas remained hesitant.

According to KGBT-TV, state prisons in Texas have stopped taking in inmates that could possibly put a strain on jails. The feeling of staying safe looms large amongst Texas State students.

However, not all students felt the same way. Shelby Hieter, health information management student, said she is not entirely concerned.

“I’m sure they are only releasing people they believe could not threaten a community,” Hieter said. “I haven’t really left my house at all during this time anyways, so I don’t feel unsafe.”

There were no reports of inmates released or scheduled to be released at the Hays County Jail. 

“I do know that there have been break-ins at the student housing I lived at during the year,” Hieter said. “But I can’t imagine that is related to the releasing of inmates.”

Texas Tribune reports that about 330 prisoners in Texas havehad tested positive for the coronavirus. Around a quarter of prison units had been placed on lockdown and halted all activities which confined prisoners to their cells.

Featured image courtesy of Texas State University Police Department.

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