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How to Stay Productive: Quarantine-Style

By Megan Wehring
Assistant News Director

During this time of social distancing, I’ve been wanting to lay in bed and binge-watch Netflix shows everyday. College classes have become more self-paced than ever, so it’s more difficult now to stay motivated and productive. In a dream world, I would travel to my favorite coffee shops every day and sit in there to complete assignments. We must find new ways to stay productive, but inside.

Except for the occasional trip to the grocery store, we have little social interaction if none at all. We have more open opportunities to stay on top of all of our assignments with less distraction and noise. What’s keeping us from staying ahead? For me, I just can’t stay motivated for long periods of time but I do have a few things that help.


Naturally, as a journalism student, I’m a planner that craves a deadline. Since I started using my current planner earlier in the semester, there were a few markups I had to erase after the transition to online classes. However, I still use a paper schedule of some kind to write down due dates and other important reminders.

Color-coding helps me keep track of every class, meeting, organization, etc. School may be boring for some, but adding touches of color go a long way.

At the beginning of each week, I like to sit down for a good 10 minutes and plan out each day on sticky notes. Then, I will tape them on my desk and mark off when I complete an assignment. It gives me a sense of achievement in quarantine.

Make a Playlist

Concerts, festivals, white noise – we miss it all!

Create a study playlist that plays in the background while doing homework or cramming. Add songs that keep you motivated and pumped to complete each assignment! Make it feel like the band’s right in your bedroom or apartment.

If you want something quieter then play some classical piano, coffeehouse or smooth jazz! Whatever gets you going, make the best of it!

Reward Yourself

You’ve written that 10-page research paper or knocked out all those Zoom meetings – reward yourself!

My favorite treat is making myself some sweet, sweet iced coffee! However, you can do whatever your heart pleases.

Take a walk around the neighborhood or binge-watch your favorite Netflix show until you fall asleep. Just make sure that you give yourself a break after all that hard work.

Productivity is not easy but I hope these tips can make it just a little bit easier!

Featured image by Meghan Wehring.

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