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To Be a Fan or To Not Be a Fan

By Emily Garza
Web Content Contributor

If you didn’t already know, there has been some controversy with the one of the beauty community’s most famous online figure: Jeffree Star.

To some people, this may come off as no surprise because Star seems to always be in drama. Lately, he has been really messy with what he has been currently saying about the situation he is currently in.

To fill you in, people have been speaking out about Star’s old friend, Dahvie Vanity, for sexually harassing them. The reason for Star’s involvement is that a couple of years ago, Star witnessed Vanity do something illegal, but did not do anything, only tweet about it. After speaking out about it, Star tweeted out a couple months later that him and Vanity were friends again.

People are comparing this issue with last year’s controversy between Star, James Charles, and Tati Westbrook. Star accused Charles of sexually assaulting men just from what Star has heard, not seen, and dropped Charles as a friend. Star said that he saw Vanity doing inappropriate and illegal actions and stayed friends with Vanity.

What Star is doing is completely unfair and wrong. He is giving different treatments to two situations that are similar. The main difference is how Star knew about the situation.

Last week, Star was interviewed by Chris Hansen and was on the “Mom’s Basement” podcast with Killer Keemstar, FaZe Banks and Colossal is Crazy.

The interview with Hansen wasn’t that great. Hansen wasn’t asking any hard questions and Star was just dancing around the questions, not really giving the answers everyone wants. Star mentions that he heard Vanity was doing inappropriate things but continued to tour with Vanity because his bandmates told Star that there is nothing inappropriate going on. Any rumors about anything inappropriate going on were “false”.

The podcast went a little different. Crazy decided to ask Star some questions people wanting the answers to. Crazy called out Star for “misleading” people for tweeting that he saw Vanity do inappropriate things, when Star is saying he didn’t actually witness it, he just heard rumors.

During the podcast, Keemstar asked Star if Charles is “a danger to society”, as Star claimed he is last year. Star explains the reason he said that is because multiple people told him that Charles is a predator, but Star never had any proof. Well, Star claimed he did, but he never publicly showed it. A little after Keemstar asked the question, Star asked Banks if a video he has of Charles would make Banks think that Charles is a danger to society.

Do you have proof if Charles is a predator or not Star? Stop being messy and backtracking what you’ve been saying. Additionally, why are you still stuck on this Charles drama? Charles has moved on from it, yet you’re not afraid to randomly mention or reference Charles.

I was a fan of Star and I love his makeup, but this is a complete mess. Either you have the proof that both Vanity and Charles are predators like you claimed they are, or don’t get involved in drama that doesn’t involve you in the first place.

Featured image by Emily Garza.

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