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Photo of the bachelor from the new season of The Bachelor, Matt James, in a formal suit. The text "Bachelor Talk: Drama, Rumors, Opinions" is on top of the photo.


Dates and Drama: My First Bachelor Season

By Paige GreeneWeb Content Assistant Manager Even after 25 seasons of The Bachelor, every new season and episode is filled with new and surprising drama, especially with the current bachelor, Matt James. If you are behind and have not watched the current season, I would stop reading here— Spoilers ahead! I usually only follow The Bachelor franchise drama through my roommate, but this season I decided to watch the popular […]

todayMarch 15, 2021

Image of three cartoon girls in front of the title, “The Bachelor Talk” with a cow print trim


The Bachelor Talk: Bachelor Favorite Dylan Barbour Speaks out Against the Franchise

By Rachael GerronWeb Content Assistant Manager In this episode of “The Bachelor Talk” Rachael Gerron talks with her best friends, Destiny Pearson and Brooke Broadway, about the latest Bachelor franchise drama.  Bachelor Nation favorite, Dylan Barbour, aired out the show’s dirty laundry on Twitter last week, and even came to the defense of controversial contestant Jed Wyatt. We discussed our opinions on the issues that were brought to light. We […]

todayFebruary 4, 2021 14 2

Black background with two white people icons. One icon has a red x and the other a green check mark


To Be a Fan or To Not Be a Fan

By Emily GarzaWeb Content Contributor If you didn’t already know, there has been some controversy with the one of the beauty community’s most famous online figure: Jeffree Star. To some people, this may come off as no surprise because Star seems to always be in drama. Lately, he has been really messy with what he has been currently saying about the situation he is currently in. To fill you in, […]

todayMay 13, 2020 5

white cup with tea in it


What it’s Like Always Knowing the Tea

By Emily GarzaWeb Content Contributor Since I told my friends what I want to major in, they found it really suiting for me. They claimed that because I always know the hottest tea, me majoring in mass communications will fit right into my life and my interests. Now that I am literally taking classes for my major, I can see how it fits perfectly into my life. For about a […]

todayMarch 12, 2020 5

Two men wearing makeup for a promo picture


Shane Dawson Just Wants Your Money

By Emily GarzaWeb Content Contributor Last year, Shane Dawson announced that he would post a nine-part series onto his YouTube channel about the “Beautiful World of Jeffree Star”. Many, including me, were very excited about this new series coming up that has been in the works for about a year. No one really knew what to expect, but some were theorizing that Dawson and Jeffree Star were collaborating on a […]

todayJanuary 28, 2020 19 1

Caroline Flack floats in a pool smiling to promote the new season of Love Island


British Invasion: Love Island

By Paola BakkerWeb Content Contributor If you have been on social media recently, you may have heard of a small show called “Love Island (UK)” – a show that draws millions of viewers a night, airing six times a week on ITV. The premise of the show is simple – take a group of single young people, referred to as “Islanders,” keep them in a luxurious Spanish villa and record […]

todaySeptember 13, 2019 57

Building the set.


Backstage with Mr. Burns

By Lauren Jurgemeyer Blog Content Contributor In 1879, Thomas Edison invented the electric light bulb and since then the world has never been without electricity. Our whole world thrives on electricity; we have enjoyed countless advances in technology because of it. So, what if we didn’t have it anymore? What if we went back to a time without phones, computers, refrigerators-- even the lamps we study by at night? Mr. […]

todaySeptember 21, 2018 12


“Stranger Things” Knocks it Out of the Park

By Brent Ramirez Blog Content Contributor Illustration by Spencer Hall. Let me start by saying WOW. "Stranger Things" knocks it way out of the ball park. It’s the Netflix series that has everyone talking all over social media. You may have seen pictures of the undeniably a-dork-able Dustin, or the hashtag #justiceforbarb circulating online, and for good reason too. Created by brothers Ross and Matt Duffer, "Stranger Things" is an eight episode […]

todaySeptember 14, 2016 6 1

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