Clean New World: Keeping Safe Under Less Restrictions

todayMay 18, 2020 37

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By Ashton Herman
Web Content Contributor

Finally, after roughly two months of thumb-twiddling in isolation, Texas has decided to lift its lockdown. For those that loathed or began to loathe the dwellings of their home, this piece of news is a godsend. However, the threat of COVID-19 still looms over us, so acting careless under such conditions is practically begging to be infected.

A boy sits in an awkward position while using a mobile device of some kind.
Time stuck in quarantine can get… intriguingly boring. Photo by Ashton Herman.

For those that wish to see friends and family, or for those who simply wish to get out of the house, taking the following precautions will help limit exposure as the doors of society finally open.

Firstly, and this cannot be stressed enough, continue to follow WHO and/or CDC guidelines for what protective pieces to wear when out and about, as well as proper procedures to reduce exposure to other people. Just because the lockdown is gone does not mean that the virus is gone, and with there being roughly 30,000 confirmed cases in Texas alone, it is no stretch to say that we are not out of the woods yet. That being said, as long as a conscious effort is being made to inhibit infection, most should do fine.

Second, attempt to visit social hubs during downtimes. As demonstrated by the opening of Galveston’s beaches last Friday, lots of people are desperate to get out of the house as soon as possible. While KTSW’s intrepid readers are perhaps more than ready to leave their abodes as well, I would recommend visiting high-traffic establishments during times of less use, for obvious reasons.

Gov. Greg Abbott has discussed the reopening of places like movie theaters and malls up to 25 percent capacity, but to be absolutely sure, visiting while at a low customer count is the wisest choice.

And lastly, be sure to check up on Fido and Kitty. While the probability of a pet actually becoming contaminated with the virus is rather low, it is not unheard of for animals to come into contact with and become susceptible to COVID.

To keep your four-legged friend safe and sound, try plotting out new walking routes that have less human traffic, as well as being sure to let them in at night if not normally done already. Remember, a healthy level of caution never hurt anything, so keeping an eye on your pets can keep both them and you ripe and ready.

COVID-19 is not a disease to be taken lightly, but to cower in its presence is admitting defeat. The lighter quarantine restrictions symbolize a small, yet brave step in the right direction So we, as the general public, must do our part to ensure that such actions do not create a larger problem. So put on some gloves, throw on a mask and step outside, because the world’s our COVID-laced oyster.

Featured image by Ashton Herman.

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