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Stimulus Checks Released to Citizens due to Covid-19

By Justice Graves
Senior News Reporter

SAN MARCOS, Texas — Hard times have fallen on many parts of the world, as many have been laid off and have been struggling to make ends meet. The government released stimulus checks after hearing the plea of citizens who need help to pay bills or buy necessities. 

Although many are concerned with the rumored drawback that the bill might have, Texas State University General Studies major Cassidy Collins says that the bill is beneficial to help those who are in need.

“Even if it’s only one month of rent, or groceries for a week and a half, that’s something that’s going to help people right now,”  said Collins.

 The stimulus check was a sigh of relief for some that came at the right time, especially for Collins, whose car broke down not too long before.

“I think now, for me at least, I always look at my tax return as “cool, a bonus, let me treat myself sort of thing…but now that my car is down for the count, I’m using that entire stimulus check for a down payment,” said Collins.

Like many others, Collins said that she was also worried about making rent since the company she works for had to cut back on hours, but is thankful for even having a job at all.

“Definitely not making the same amount of money….I’m probably making 60% of what I was making before, but I like to remember that I work for a job. We’ve made a lot of adjustments and no one has been laid off. I’m lucky to have that option to work because not many people are,” said Collins.

One of the drawbacks to the stimulus checks is that not many college students are considered eligible to receive the check for extra help themselves, as some have been claimed as dependents under their parents.

“I think it is something that would benefit students, but then I think of my sisters who didn’t get one because they are dependents under my parents, so hopefully that extra money goes to my parents,” said Collins.

For more information on the stimulus check, go to

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3 thoughts on “Stimulus Checks Released to Citizens due to Covid-19

  1. I don’t have any income a just was released from federal prison with no job and everyone is getting stimulis checks even the same inmates I was at the halfway house were getting a check in the mail in there accounts and I still ain’t got no assistance from the government to help me obtain me any funds from stimulus

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