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Health Benefits of Having Plants

By Danielle Rubio
Web Content Contributor

While on lock down I decided to start growing plants. It has started to take over my life a little bit. I was wondering if any good would come out of having a lot of plants (well besides their beauty). I was right plants offer many health benefits to you and can help you in ways you never knew.

Surprisingly owning plants has a lot of health benefits such as, helping you feel less stressed. I can see why gardening can be therapeutic you really get to go at your own pace and there is no need to rush anything. Especially with indoor plants you get to be in the comfort of your own home.

Plants also, improve the air quality around you which improves your health more ways than one. For example, plants reduce the amount of dust levels this could be life changing for someone who has asthma. Also, if you might live around someone who smokes or have a lot of carpet in your home plants help purify the air which could reduce your chances of secondhand smoke and keep the smell out of your carpet. Plants also reduce carbon dioxide levels which helps cool your home down. Plants also create humidity which is good for them and you, they need the water and you need the oxygen.

Plants are very beneficial for students because they help lower background noise. This can be helpful when you are studying for a big exam and need to focus. It’s been proven that plants absorb the noise and reflect it somewhere else. This occurs both indoors and outdoors; they can reflect the noise of a busy street or the noise of your roommate chewing too loud.

Plants have been proven to help you focus if you are in an environment with a plant you are more likely to be paying attention to whatever task you are doing. You will probably even feel less stressed completing a task especially if it is homework – a plant will help.

Lastly, there’s a plant for everyone if you feel like you can’t handle a plant look into low maintenance plants. Plants are something so small but could end up changing your life and you could become a new plant mom/dad. Possibly they can even help not only your health but also how you are doing academically. Do some research and go buy yourself a plant.

Featured image by Danielle Rubio.

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