This is the album cover for an album by the music creator Jinsang.

Jinsang: Life Album Review

By Ty Raymond
Music Journalist

Now more than ever, work gets done at home. Some are fortunate enough to have a quiet environment at their households. However, a lot of people have roommates or kids at home that can make sitting down and focusing on a computer screen difficult.

I personally have always been a master at the art of getting distracted. I hear a noise and my mind is instantly drawn to it. This can make focusing on work for long periods of time a nightmare. I’ve tried a lot of things to help me focus at home, but the best thing that has helped me is putting headphones in and listening to beats.

This is the album cover for an album by the music creator Jinsang.
A great album to study to. Image via Jinsang.

My go-to album for productive beats is Life by Jinsang. This album was released in 2016, and although it is one of their earlier albums, it is my personal favorite. The beats on this album have incredible pace. Their steadiness is great for putting your mind at ease and allows you to really dive into your studies. The tempo is also just fast enough to get me pumped. I will often catch myself head bobbing to the music and really enjoying my work at the same time.

My favorite song off of this album is “Untitled6.” It combines bass with a little bit of harp action in the background which I find pairs nicely together. It’s also a beat that would make any rapper excited as I could see this beat doubling as an even greater song.

Another good song off this album is called “Cold Seas.” Although you can’t really picture what cold seas would sound like, this song somehow sounds like it. All throughout the album Jinsang makes great use of classical instruments and this song is no exception. The piano in the background is very smooth and flows with the beat elegantly. The song almost has a bit of a jazz vibe to it which seems to be the perfect type of vibe for study music. 

Featured image via Jinsang.

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