Keeping Pets Cool During Unbearable Heat

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By Jess Bazaldua
Web Content Contributor

I love to surround myself with my dogs and cats, even feeding a number of community cats in my free time. With the recent heat wave, some may focus on keeping cool themselves and possibly forget about their furry companions. I’ve compiled a few helpful tips for the purpose of healthy snouts and tails.


It’s no secret that the heat can make you thirsty. However, pets can’t just get up and find some water. Make sure their clean water bowl is within reach and monitor them to ensure they’re drinking enough. Cats and some small dogs might even benefit from a pet fountain, which can be purchased from inexpensive websites such as Amazon or Chewy. The filtered and constant flow of water makes for a great taste and exciting design.

Protect the paws

Image of blonde ChiWeenie dog on leash walking on sidewalk.
Angel in front of the J.C. Kellam Building. Image by Jess Bazaldua.

If Fifi needs her daily walks, the weather has likely made them less enjoyable. Try to keep your pets on grass, and if you must walk on concrete or asphalt, do a foot test. Take your own bare foot and place it on the surface you intend to walk on. If it’s too hot for you, it’s too hot for them. 

Also, consider investing in booties for your fur baby. They’ll not only protect paws from scorching heat, but also be useful on rainy or cold days. 

Finally, dry, cracked paws can be painful, so be sure to moisturize them with an acceptable pet balm.

Stay out of the sun

The most unbearable heat happens midday, so try for early-morning or evening walks. The sun is out of the way and the temperature is way cooler. Still, don’t let your guard down. If you’re walking in darker hours, tell a friend or roommate where you’re going and when you’ll be back. 

Stay cautious of your surroundings and stay in well-lit areas. Unfriendly snakes, scorpions, and even people are some threats to remain cautious of. If you must walk your pet in the daytime, try using an umbrella for extra shade.

Maintain appropriate grooming 

Image of blonde Pomeranian dog, sitting next to car in shade.
Jack in the shade. Image by Jess Bazaldua.

My Pomeranian, Jack, has a beautiful, silky coat. Some may think that a Pomeranian needs a shave or “summer cut,” but those people would be wrong. In fact, shaving may be detrimental to the undercoat and harmful to the dog’s skin. Do your research on your dog’s breed and consider taking them to a professional groomer. Also, take the time to brush out your dog or cat to get rid of any loose fur. 

Have fun with cool treats

We all love a summer sweet treat, such as ice cream, popsicles, and snow cones, but what about the furry babies? A quick search in the frozen aisle can lead you to some puppy-safe ice cream! Usually indicated by pictures of dogs on the packaging, various lactose-free and flavored options can be thrown into your regular grocery haul. 

No sign of them in-store? Head online to find a larger selection, plus some options for the kitties. Want to make them yourself? Search the internet for some recipes, such as puppy treat popsicles and frozen tuna snacks.  

Image of black and white tuxedo cat and beige striped tabby cat.
Two indoor kitties. Image by Jess Bazaldua.

Our pets are an extension of ourselves. We treat our bodies with respect and should extend the offer to our companions. They love us as much as we love them, so making them feel comfortable should be at the top of the list.

Featured image by Jess Bazaldua.

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