An “open” sign in block lettering on the front of a shop door.

7 Ways You Can Support Black-Owned Businesses

By Brittany Anderson
Assistant Web Content Manager

When looking at systemic problems like gentrification, the racial wealth gap, the historic effects of redlining and so much more faced by the Black community, it’s undeniable that supporting Black-owned businesses is incredibly important— especially now, in the midst of a pandemic.

Put your money where your mouth is: these are seven ways that will easily help you support Black-owned businesses in your day-to-day life.

Support Black Owned

This is a massive global database of Black-owned businesses. You can select your state (or country!) and filter through what kind of service you’re looking for— there are literally hundreds of categories and subcategories to choose from.

Buy it Black

Buy it Black is another resource that helps you easily find Black-owned businesses— from candle shops, wine shops and more. Choose or search for a category, browse through the different shops and get sent straight to the business’ website once you pick one.


WeBuyBlack is an e-marketplace for Black-owned businesses, complete with super practical items like laundry detergent, coffee mugs and haircare. Their Instagram page is also a great place to connect with others and learn more ways to support the community through other businesses and brands.


This app makes it easy for you to find Black-owned restaurants wherever you are in the United States. You’re also able to seamlessly order food off the app through delivery apps like DoorDash and Grubhub. Search for restaurants in your hometown, current city or wherever you plan on traveling to next so you know where to go.

African American Literature Book Club

If you’re a bookworm and looking to diversify your shelf, this online bookstore is all about celebrating Black literature. Their list of Black-owned bookstores across the country is also a great way for you to buy books online, even if you’re hundreds of miles away from the shop.

Black-owned Etsy shops

Here, you can find a collection of Black-owned businesses being promoted on Etsy, from art, clothing, accessories, skincare and more.

The power of hashtags

You can search for hashtags on Twitter or Instagram— like #SupportBlackBusinesses or #BlackOwnedBusinesses— that will lead you to people and places you can buy from, like artists and entrepreneurs.

Making these small but meaningful and impactful changes in the way you spend your money will help shift and shape the culture for Black-owned businesses and brands. Challenge yourself to keep looking for them and change your habits as a consumer, even once the protests and social media fervor die down.

Featured image by Brittany Anderson.

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