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Influential Black Figures in Tech to Know About

by Jernice KelleyWeb Content Contributor Since the beginning of U.S. history, the tech industry has struggled to reflect the diversity of the country. Major tech companies such as Google, Amazon, and Facebook have put out diversity reports every year since 2014, reporting consistently low single-digit percentages. Despite the odds, there are still many influential black figures who have made a name for themselves in tech. Outspoken Agency's YouTube video […]

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5 Black Musicians: Their Impact On Genres and History

By Paige GreeneWeb Content Assistant Manager Early Black musicians led the way in the U.S. for the funk and jazz fusion that exploded in popularity during the late 1960s to 1970s. The blues' influence reached as far as rock, country and classical music. Changing the musical landscape as we know it, below are five Black musicians who influence not only music but the world as we know it.  Marvin Gaye […]

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KTSW Loves

KTSW Loves: Black Student Alliance

By Andrea MauWeb Content Contributor  The Black Student Alliance is an organization at Texas State University focused on welcoming and supporting incoming black students. The organization has contributed to the growing diversity and inclusion initiatives on campus and is dedicated to monitoring and spreading knowledge on a variety of issues.   I was able to interview Vice President Vanessa Thibodeaux to discuss the Black Student Alliance and how it has been […]

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Students at the opening ceremony for OPRF High School


The Docuseries Every Teacher Needs to Watch

By Andrea MauWeb Content Contributor As an aspiring teacher, social and political awareness is essential to tackle relevant subjects in the classroom; this is represented best in the docuseries, America to Me. Shot by various directors, the show follows students, teachers and administrators from Chicago’s Oak Park and River Forest High School. Although the public high school is praised for its urban and diverse student body, it is still plagued […]

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7 Ways You Can Support Black-Owned Businesses

By Brittany AndersonAssistant Web Content Manager When looking at systemic problems like gentrification, the racial wealth gap, the historic effects of redlining and so much more faced by the Black community, it’s undeniable that supporting Black-owned businesses is incredibly important— especially now, in the midst of a pandemic. Put your money where your mouth is: these are seven ways that will easily help you support Black-owned businesses in your […]

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Black Stories: Underrated Films-List

By Andrea MauWeb Content Contributor It’s no secret that Black issues have always been a taboo topic within mainstream media, and that has caused a lot of genius films to be swept under the rug by the general public. However, with the Black Lives Matter movement more prevalent than ever, some of these hidden gems have reemerged into the public eye and are receiving the praise they deserve. Alike in […]

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The Color of Drugs

By Jernice KelleyWeb Content Contributor Drugs can have a major impact on any community or individual; however, when it comes to drug policy in America, it is typically aimed at minority groups. With the current social climate, it brings into question how we can move forward as a country. This question brought me back to thinking about how important it is to look into the laws and practices of this […]

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We Support Black Lives Matter

By KTSW Web Content StaffKTSW Web Content As a station, we have delayed making a statement on the Black Lives Matter movement and this has delayed our writers from being able to share their voices and opinions on the matter. We are deeply apologetic toward our community for not showing our open support sooner. Now that we have taken steps toward addressing the issues that are affecting the black community, […]

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A List of Petitions to Sign to Support the Black Lives Matter Movement


A List of Petitions to Sign to Support the Black Lives Matter Movement

By Ally BolenderWeb Content Assistant Manager Signing petitions to support the Black Lives Matter movement has proven to reach tangible goals. After the Justice for George Floyd petition reached millions of signatures, the officers involved with Floyd’s death were all arrested. After Ahmaud Arbery’s death, a petition was created to pass hate crime legislation and it was successful. Those who target victims based on race will now face more severe […]

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