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Advice For Cats: How is KTSW handling the pandemic and continuing to have stuff on air?

 By Tiger Shi
Web Content Contributor

Ever since the pandemic started in March, KTSW has slowly moved operations online. The news department started to write news for the blog instead of broadcasting it in the studio.

A new tab on the blog was created known as KTSW Coronavirus Updates. These updates were written by both the news and web content departments. We are still writing these updates from time to time!

As for going on-air, we are doing all that we can to keep delivering content for our listeners. Music Director Kat Robertson said that there are rotations in the system for songs to be broadcasted.

“We have quite a few people submitting music,” Robertson said. “I work on the song schedule daily to make sure they’re uploaded to the automation system.”

Programming Director Madalyn White said there is a limit to how many staff members can be in the studio.

“We limit the use of the studio to one person,” White said. “It’s because the room is small and we do our best to keep people out.” (Limiting room capacity)

We keep Clorox wipes in the studio room and we sanitize everything in it after each use. Touch-screens, chairs, desks, soundboards and microphones are wiped down regularly.

Anyone who uses the studio doesn’t wear a mask because the sound would be muffled and it will be hard to hear what they are saying.

Shows like Bobcat Radio, Love Handles and Other Side Drive are conducted via Zoom. Specialty Shows (Other Side Drive) have a specific time in which the staff chooses when to go on-air.

Syndicated Shows are pre-recorded and uploaded to the system to broadcast without having to appear in-person. 

Station Manager Juan Garcia said the station is finding methods to run as if it were pre-pandemic.

“I have a daily four-hour routine to discuss with my staff,” Garcia said. “I have meetings with everyone either by groups or one-on-one to keep them motivated and working.”

We all keep in touch with one another via group chats on Microsoft Teams. It is an effective business tool to keep general staff, department leaders and managers up-to-date.

Overall, KTSW is monitoring the pandemic to inform what is going on out in the world while simultaneously taking care of ourselves as well. By doing both, this station will still stay strong and in business!

Featured image by Timia Cobb.

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