When You’re Untalented

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By Gena Sysavath
Web Content Contributor

Have you ever felt like you suck at everything? Or that you are absolutely mediocre at the things you do or try? You are the ruler of average and never done anything well enough that it can be considered a talent. You are just there

Then you go out in the world and you just notice how talented everyone around you is. You notice that some people can just balance: making straight A’s, playing a bunch of instruments, while also volunteering and keeping up a healthy lifestyle. 

You wonder how they can do so much; how they are talented enough to keep up such a busy lifestyle. You start to feel even more inadequate, because what are you contributing to the world? You can not do the same things; you are just not talented enough. 

You start to feel a little green monster growing inside of you when your friends and family are doing so much better than you. However, you do not mean to feel this way, because you are genuinely happy for them. You just feel like you can not live up to their greatness. You do not want to feel like you are not the best, you want to know that you are great at something too. But what? 

Then you feel the pressure. You are drowning with expectations, not just from your peers but from yourself too. You want to do better but it just seems like you are not able to, no matter how much you practice or study. It’s just not part of your personal skills. So, you get upset.

Well, stop it. So what if you are not the most talented person? Do the things you want to do and stop comparing yourself to others. I know it is a lot easier said than it is done. It is hard to stop yourself from entering a negative space inside your head. 

But here is the thing: you are not the only one who feels “untalented.” I feel it on a daily basis. I watched all my friends and even my younger sister already decide what they want to do. My closest friends since primary school? All of them are getting ready to take their MCAT to enter medical school or they are looking into a master’s program or they already are doing something they have been striving for.

I am so proud of all my friends and I do think that they will succeed, I have no doubt about their future. I know several people whose main goal is to literally just succeed in life. Yet, my goal is just to be able to go through the next day and then figure it out from there. I am practically useless other than for support.

I have learned that even though I may not be the smartest or the most confident, I think I am a decent person. And I am really happy with the role I set myself in. I am not saying that as a way to brag, because for one thing, who brags about being a decent human? I feel like everyone should be a decent human being. 

I found that if I found ways to keep myself from feeling like I am inadequate that I am happier. I know that I do not have any “real talent,” but I am willing to try everything once and if I like it, I might continue it. Even if I know I suck at it, why stop something that I enjoy? 

Realize that as long as you try something once, then at least you tried it. That is so much more than what many people could say. 

You tried drawing and it only came out as okay? Good for you, now it is your choice to either continue it and get better or to find out that you do not actually like to do it. You know how to play the violin, but it sucks? You did it, at least you tried. Do not think you are untalented and wasteful just because you are not the best at it. What you must do is change your attitude. 

Sometimes people have natural talent, other times people are practicing continually to create that talent. Talent is perceived by the beholder, so even if you think someone is talented, they might think they have to practice more, or are not good enough.

If you really wanted to be talented at something, then you would continue it until your skill level succeeds what you expect. Do what you like. Who is really stopping you other than yourself?

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