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Distinguished Alumni: Interview with Dr. Deborah Bergeron

By Jernice Kelley
Web Content Contributor

Dr. Deborah Bergeron, known by her kiddos and close colleagues as “Dr. B,” is the current director of the Office of Head Start (OHS). Since the end of her time at Texas State, Dr. Bergeron has spent the last 30 years using her experience in education, as well as her leadership, to help and encourage young children in preparing for school.

Within this time, she has worked both locally and nationally alongside other educational leaders to influence change in the public school system and break the cycle of poverty by helping provide preschool children of low-income families with a comprehensive program to meet their needs. In 2019, Dr. Bergeron became a part of the Office of Early Childhood Development (ECD) in the Administration for Children and Families.

Over the weekend, Dr. Bergeron spent some time speaking with me about her experience at Texas State and the many ways she carries it with her in her career. She also shared with me some of her most rewarding moments. I got to learn how she had to change her course of thinking as she experienced difficulties in her career, taking those experiences and making them positive.

Image of a small group of castmates
Dr. Bergeron (pictured left) and the cast for the traveling children’s production Foxtales, written and directed by Dr. Chuck Pascoe. Image Provided by  Dr. Deborah Bergeron

When asked what advice she had for students preparing to graduate from high school or those already attending university, Dr. Bergeron shared something that had been shared with her as she went through her journey.

“Always look at what is in front of you. If you are doing that work with the greatest commitment and passion, you will get to the next thing more readily, easily, and fluidly,” said Bergeron.

Image of a Dr. Bergeron and former dean of the college of education
Dr. Bergeron (pictured left) on graduation day, 1987. Image Provided by  Dr. Deborah Bergeron

Feature Image By Piper Blake

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