A black-and-white group shot image taken of members of the ensemble Conspirare that performed Dr. Johnson’s piece, Considering Matthew Shepard. Multiple people with black evening attire are posing and smiling, center-fold.

Interview with Dr. Craig Hella Johnson

By Claudia Ruiz
Music Journalist

With all that is happening in the world, enjoying art can seem like a plausible way to escape or express our concerns within it.

For Texas State University’s School of Music’s Artist-in-Residence, Dr. Craig Hella Johnson, this time of separation is not a stopping point for him or his music making.

A portrait image of Texas State University's School of Music Artist-in-Residence, Dr. Craig Hella Johnson. A man wearing a solid black suit and circular-glasses smiles at the camera.
Texas State University School of Music Artist-in-Residence and Conspirare Artistic Director, Dr. Craig Hella Johnson. Image by James Goulden.

I had the chance to speak with Dr. Johnson about the role he plays in our school’s Music department as well as his take on the state of music-making today.

Information about Conspirare and all the other functions Dr. Johnson mentioned can be found on their official website at conspirare.org.

Featured image by James Goulden.

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