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Jesse Rodriguez is posing with peace sign on balcony overlooking the Texas State campus.


Interviewing Music Journalist, Producer and Artist Jesse Rodriguez

By Christopher BrockerMusic Journalist  Jesse Rodriguez and I met through KTSW as he joined the Hip-hop group. Rodriguez joined the station as a DJ and music journalist but sought out the challenge of covering Hip-hop. I had the privilege of working with Rodriguez and quickly saw his potential.  Photo of Jesse Rodriguez on Texas State University Campus. Later in the semester, I discovered that Rodriguez was a producer and he […]

todayMay 11, 2021 175 1

Men rapping inside a studio with headphones in the men’s mouth


KRS-One: Return of the Boom Bap Album Review

By Yarely OrtizMusic Journalist Hip-hop is more than music; it is a cultural movement that influences and incorporates different varieties of art. Hip-hop has grown and evolved into a prominent music genre through the decades across the globe. One could argue it is for the best or worst, yet it is hard to deny hip-pop continues to be a phenomenon all over. Hip-hop emerged from the Bronx in New York […]

todayApril 30, 2021 113

The album cover is a graphic of roses on a gray background


Saudade: Three Albums to Unlock a Certain Nostalgia

By Daniel Barrett Music Journalist In one way or another, we’ve all made sacrifices over the past ten-or-so months. “Sacrifice” is a broad word, and it means something different to everyone, but to some degree, we’ve all had to adjust to the world around us. The biggest part of that adjustment has come in the form of who we see and where we go.  This isn’t news to anyone at […]

todayApril 1, 2021 131

black background with multicolor tabs on the left top corner with Mayer Hawthorne spelled out in white


For That Special Someone

By Shack KhozaMusic Journalist Artist: Mayer HawthorneAlbum: Rare ChangesRelease Date: December 18, 2020Website: Funky Rhythm and Blues is the pure definition for this glorious album titled Rare Changes. The first song “Intro” is only a taste of what this album has to offer: smooth bass lines,  whammy guitar, and graceful piano synthesizers.  However, the listener immediately feels strong emotions of fascination when “Rare Changes'' plays. What carries this song […]

todayMarch 13, 2021 68


King Krule: 6 Feet Beneath the Moon Album Review

By Yarely OrtizMusic Journalist Artist: King KruleAlbum: 6 Feet Beneath the MoonRelease Date: August 24, 2013Website: Archy Marshall, or should I say Zoo Kid or, King Krule, how many stage names can a musician get? Krule has been writing music since the age of eight but was formally recognized in 2010.  On the day of his nineteenth birthday, his debut album 6 Feet Beneath the Moon was released. This […]

todayMarch 10, 2021 197

the cover is a psychedelic photograph of subatomic particles in a bubble chamber


The Strokes: Is This It Album Review

By Paris FosterMusic Journalist In the early 2000s, a figure hung around the streets of New York City smoking cigarettes and drinking 40s. With two glazed eyes, unkempt hair, and a post-punk leather jacket, this individual represented The Strokes. Everyone wanted to be one…. Arguably the most important plural indie rock band of their time, (i.e The White Stripes, The Killers, The Arctic Monkeys, etc.) The Strokes obtained much of […]

todayMarch 6, 2021 48

A black-and-white group shot image taken of members of the ensemble Conspirare that performed Dr. Johnson’s piece, Considering Matthew Shepard. Multiple people with black evening attire are posing and smiling, center-fold.


Interview with Dr. Craig Hella Johnson

By Claudia RuizMusic Journalist With all that is happening in the world, enjoying art can seem like a plausible way to escape or express our concerns within it. For Texas State University’s School of Music’s Artist-in-Residence, Dr. Craig Hella Johnson, this time of separation is not a stopping point for him or his music making. Texas State University School of Music Artist-in-Residence and Conspirare Artistic Director, Dr. Craig Hella Johnson. […]

todayNovember 3, 2020 71

Photo of the band members of Dizzy sitting on a kitchen counter.


Dizzy: The Sun and Her Scorch Album Review

By Ashley FarnieMusic Journalist As their second studio album following Baby Teeth, Dizzy encapsulates the feelings and emotions brought on by young love in their newest release, The Sun and Her Scorch. With a poetic, lyrical title, the entirety of the album carries this theme throughout its 11 tracks which begin and end with cyclical bookends allowing for seamless streaming. The intro and outro, “Worms” and “Worms II,” set up […]

todaySeptember 23, 2020 57

A girl is floating in front of a rural grassy area, with a blue cloudy sky.


Alex the Astronaut: The Theory of Absolutely Nothing Album Review

By Jennifer AriolaMusic Journalist Artist: Alex the Astronaut Album: The Theory of Absolutely Nothing Release Date: August 21, 2020Website: Alex the Astronaut, also known as Alexandra Lynn just released her album The Theory of Absolutely Nothing. The album is folk-pop as well as alternative-indie and does a good job capturing an experience through her songs. By this, I mean she amplifies the theme of coming of age. Lynn writes about her […]

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