The Next Four Years

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By Tiger Shi
Web Content Contributor

Youth Voters! It is time to make an important decision. This applies in case y’all have not voted during early voting. There are a lot of races in this election cycle. From local elections to federal elections, the ballot will be filled with candidates. ALL of them do matter, so don’t just vote on the presidential part of the ballot! However, I will tell you about the presidential race specifically because that election is relevant to graduating college seniors.

Whether we see four years of President Joe Biden or four more years of President Donald Trump, their policies will impact college students transitioning into the workforce. First of all, once people have earned their first paycheck, there will be taxes be taken out of it. How much will be taken away really depends on who is in the presidency? From Joe Biden’s tax increase proposal to Donald Trump’s tax cuts, all are factors to consider when you step into the polling station.

Under current federal law, Americans can stay on their parents’ healthcare plans until the age of 26. College seniors are, on average, 22 years old by the time of graduation. Therefore, it is important to review both healthcare plans of the Trump-Pence and Biden-Harris campaigns to get a glimpse of what to expect when you get health insurance on your own. Youth voters, like any other voting-age demographic of both parties, can agree that our country has a very messy healthcare system in general.

Photo by Tiger Shi

If you are a student veteran, be sure to find out what President Trump and Joe Biden will do for veterans. For President Trump, he already has a record during his first term in terms of what he had done for veterans. After all, he is the commander-in-chief. For Joe Biden, analyze his policies in what he will do if elected!

Of course, we are currently dealing with COVID-19. For obvious reasons, we ALL listen to science, regardless of party. However, y’all need to listen to both the President and Biden in what they will do in handling the pandemic. The difference is, the President is facing it right now and Joe Biden will face it if he wins and takes office. Either way, during the next four years, young graduates should see how effective the administrations would be in eventually approving the vaccine.

Photo via Tiger Shi

Another common ground young Democrats and Republicans can find themselves reaching on is resolving our nation’s infrastructure and real estate. Once college graduates find a job, they also need to find housing. Lodging is important and the re-election of Trump or Biden’s election will determine how it’s going to play out. In the end, improving how we get around and living conditions are important and part of that lies under the presidency’s watch.

Therefore, don’t vote just “for fun” or “for the meme” because elections have consequences. I am not telling you which 70-ish-year-old man to vote for. I am telling you to vote for whoever you think would deliver a safer, healthier and strong America. Do not just look at one element before voting (i.e. polls), look at all the elements (candidate personality, past records, etc.) More importantly, become open-minded. With that being said, go vote!

Featured Image by Tiger Shi

Written by: paigegreene07

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