Digital picture reading “Wallows” with neon colors.

Wallows: Remote EP Review

By Ashley Farnie
Music Journalist

Following the release of their debut album, Nothing Happens, in 2019, Wallows dropped an EP for the soundtrack to this monumental time period. Remote documents the difficulties of love in the midst of a pandemic where distance is the new norm.

The opening track, “Virtual Aerobics,” depicts the difficulties of adapting a relationship to the remote realm the world has turned to. From remote learning to remote working, the effect on personal relationships of socially distancing forces an entire generation to become dependent on the internet for forming new relationships.

“Dig What You Dug” focuses on the idea of following other people and forming a collective identity with a group rather than being authentically yourself. With the presence of the media and its influence on our generation, authenticity is hard to come by. Fading out into the next track, the ending of this song sounds like the opening credits to a video game menu screen.

“Nobody Gets Me (Like You)” describes the one person who actually understands you in a world full of meaningless relationships. A band that is used to traveling the world playing shows, Wallows emphasizes the difficulty of finding a soulmate and how important it is to hold on to them.

In an era of the internet, online relationships, and long-distance due to pandemic restrictions, “Coastlines” discusses the obstacles of the internet being the primary form of communication. Living on different coastlines as someone depends on trust, living through pictures and hoping what they say is what they truly mean. The transition into the next track sounds like the end of a level in a video game.

Long-distance and online relationships are plagued with bouts of overthinking and miscommunication, and “Talk Like That” explores these concepts perfectly. One of the most upbeat tracks on the EP, assumptions of tone through written communication complicate relationships and make it difficult to navigate a relationship.

The EP closer, “Wish Me Luck,” also meditates on the overthinking that occurs in long-distance relationships. Not being able to know exactly what your partner is thinking while apart results in the constant need for reassurance. The closing verse contains two sets of lyrics intertwined, mimicking the idea that there are thoughts not explicitly stated throughout a distant relationship. These competing verses emphasize the need for in-person contact to be sure of the status of a relationship.

Remote is the perfect EP to get you through the remainder of the crazy year that 2020 has been. Wallows encapsulate the experiences of youth and relationships documented through online experiences.

Featured Image by Wallows

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