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Cans and Coats for Hays-Cadwell Women’s Center

By Andrea Mau
Web Content Contributor

The Theatre Department is hosting a cans and coats drive for the Hays-Cadwell County Women’s Center (HCWC). The HCWC is a local organization that has been dedicated to women’s health and safety since 1973.

This includes providing services such as emergency shelters, hospital access, and helplines for women and children in domestic violence situations. Amongst a pandemic, the circumstances of women to exit abusive relationships are all the more complicated and difficult.

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Andrea Mau via Canva

This makes the services that the HCWC provides crucial to the community and the organization should be celebrated for their efforts. Now with Texas State, the HCWC is preparing for the holidays by collecting food and warm clothing for homeless or displaced women and children.
In the Theatre Building, a bin is located in the lobby area where anyone can leave canned food or coats that will be donated to the HCWC and go to a woman in need of that extra support to get through the holidays.

Drawing of holiday symbols
Andrea Mau via Canva

The holidays are a financial endeavor for everyone so every donation counts in making a better season for those who need it. The proceeds will not only nourish families but cloth them from the upcoming chilly weather.

As this season is meant for giving, nothing makes a greater impact than donating to local organizations where one can actually see the influence of their charity. Search cupboards and closets for your forgotten cans and jackets to make the difference.

The donnation bin at the Theatre Building lobby.
Andrea Mau

Drop off is simple and contactless. Enter the lobby of the Theatre Building at ​430 Moon St, San Marcos, TX 78666, and leave any can and coat donations in the black bin. Donations do not take up much time or money so just the smallest effort goes a long way.

To become more involved, visit the HCWC website for more information on supporting their initiative efforts.

Featured Image by Andrea Mau

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