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KTSW Translates: German

By Tiger Shi
Web Content Contributor

The next foreign language we will be translating is German. This language is one of many other languages (English, Dutch, Swedish, and Norwegian) that are part of the Germanic language family. Basic words such as “apple” (apfel) are easy to understand and that is one method to learn the language. I am personally not fluent in German so the phrases will be taught by my good friend Elizabeth Schmitz. She is a dual citizen of Germany and the U.S.!

Hello, how are you?

Nice to meet you!

Excuse me.

Merry Christmas!

Happy New Year!

Saint Nicholas

A blessing in disguise

Texas is known for its German heritage. German immigrants came to the States and established cities like Fredericksburg and New Braunfels. Every year, Wurstfest was held in New Braunfels. Some people would dress in German clothing such as lederhosen and dirndl. Visitors try a variety of German foods and ultimately: beer.

Me standing next to a World Cup German flag
Photo via Bradley Taylor


All eggs in one basket

The Texas Renaissance Festival is an annual festival held in Todd Mission, Texas. It is meant to entertain guests through its unique historical venue: the Renaissance/Middle Ages time periods. I have attended several times throughout my childhood and the most recent visit was two years ago. The festival property has many restaurants, many of which were decorated in traditional German architecture.


Although locals in Germany can speak English, it is still useful to learn German to interact with those who couldn’t speak English. It is also useful to learn a little German to get around in the country. Germany is one of many countries in the EU that are part of the Schengen Agreement in which U.S. citizens don’t need a visa to visit. Therefore, with knowledge of German and travel flexibility, don’t hesitate to visit Germany!

A countries’ flag playing card showing the German flag
Photo via Tiger Shi

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